Fiasco with Sputnik. Slovaks will distribute vaccines to the Balkans so that they do not pass

It was supposed to be a rescue from the covid-19 from the east and the managerial success of Prime Minister Igor Matovič from the OĽaNO movement. But it ended in fiasco. Matovič’s government fell shortly after the secret purchase of vaccines, and Sputnik V will eventually vaccinate only a few thousand people in Slovakia. Vaccines … Read more

Windows 11 supports Direct Storage API, Auto HDR and the new Store and Xbox Game Pass

The Windows 11 update mainly lies in a new interface and a better operating experience, but for gamers, it seems that there is no appeal. It only mentions support for Direct Storage API, Auto HDR and the new Store and Xbox Game Pass. The Direct Storage API has been mentioned before, which allows the GPU … Read more

The fourth wave of love alternate package “Red Earth Oasis” for the extended season pass of “Ranch Story Olive Town and the Land of Hope” is released today! -Technology News-Sina News Center

Sega Co., Ltd. announced that the Nintendo Switch™ platform game “Random Story Olive Town and the Land of Hope”, which is currently on sale, will release the fourth wave of the paid add-on content “Random Story Olive Town and the Land of Hope Extended Season Pass” today. Additional content is the alternate love pack “Red … Read more

“KING’s RAID-King’s Counterattack” launches special celebration King’s Pass, Treasure Warehouse adapted Fallen Swimsuits, the second time “King’s Raid” is released

Korean businessman Vespa Inc. self-developed and self-operated 3D adventure mobile game “KING’s RAID-King’s Counterattack》It was announced today (23) that with this revision and maintenance, a special celebration[King’s Pass]will be released for a limited period of time. If you complete the specified mission and the corresponding level within the period, you can get rich rewards, and … Read more

Astronomers Detect 130 Kilometers of Giant Comet Will Pass

JAKARTA – A giant object in outer space is hurtling through the solar system which astronomers call a mega comet . The size of this giant comet reaches a length of 370 kilometers and is 22 astronomical units (AU) from Earth. Reported, astronomers have been observing the mega comet since 2018 and currently the … Read more

When will the Snowbirds pass in Quebec and in the other municipalities, on Saturday June 26 in the morning? | News | The sun

When will the Snowbirds and other planes pass on Saturday, June 26 in the morning? For the first part of its Operation Bon Voisinage, the SAIB will parade the Snowbirds and other RCAF planes over Quebec and Lévis. Other riverside municipalities will be flown over as the parade takes the road to the Saguenay for … Read more

“Green Pass”: Upper Austrian develops tool for cell phone wallet

An Upper Austrian developer has created a tool that enables the “Green Pass” to be saved in the mobile phone wallet. After a long wait it is now there: The Green Pass – also for vaccinated people. So far the certificate can only be downloaded as a PDF. The QR code is especially important when … Read more

Terrible game, they only manage to pass the ball: these words from the Netherlands deeply offended the Spaniards

Netherlands national team confidently won the Group C tournament – the Dutch, who played in Amsterdam, beat Ukraine 3: 2, Austria 2: 0 and Northern Macedonia 3: 0. Franko de Boero’s team is and will remain one of the three teams in the championship, picking only victories in the first stage (the other two – … Read more