Young people lack more hard work, the hockey legend is clear. Elijah was shocked by Sparta

When he looks back at the time when he worked for the national team, he mentions the championship in Vancouver. According to him, there was a greater chance of success there. “We had Nečas, Kauz and Zadina, they were the TOP three players,” he recalls. But in one breath he points to the harsh reality. … Read more

NHL | The 80-year-old manager still amazes the NHL. He gets up at five every morning and goes to practice, reveals the Czech hockey player

However, cooperation with Lamorielle was not always easy, as Patrik Eliáš tells. “Of course, I’ve experienced a lot of positive and negative things with him over the years, both personally between the two of us, and in the team as a whole, but hats off to his managerial work,” admits the legendary Devils striker. Lamoriello … Read more

NHL | Four Czech numbers may not be used in the NHL. I learned about it almost a year in advance, Eliáš recalls

However, crunching numbers isn’t always all about fun. For example, Carolina does not allow its players to wear the 63 in honor of Josef Vašíček, who was one of the victims of the plane crash near Yaroslavl. Three Czech jerseys were ceremoniously hung up. In 2015, Buffalo dropped 39 Dominik Hašek. Three years later, two … Read more

NHL | Offer for a Czech NHL coach. The communication took place, admits Eliáš

The club decided to change part of the implementation team around coach Lindy Ruff, and Eliáš was supposed to be one of those approached by Tom Fitzgerald. “There was an exchange of three assistant coaches, so there was only communication about how I see it with my family for next year, if we stay in … Read more

A look of disbelief: Czechs at the top of NHL scoring. At the same time, the club offered to exchange

Not only David Pastrňák is unstoppable from the start of the new NHL season. Martin Nečas is only two points behind him and also belongs to the most productive hockey players in the entire league. The view of NHL scoring is almost unbelievable from the Czech point of view. About a month after the start … Read more