Port of Beirut risks having to pay dearly for damage inflicted on Lebanese

If its responsibility is engaged in the disaster of August 4, the Management and Operations Committee of the port will have to compensate the victims, without being able to count on its insurer. The port authorities have certainly taken out a civil insurance policy, but the amounts to which they can claim are derisory. The … Read more

When to pay with credit and when with debit?

Depending on the cut-off date and the possibility of having the cash invested, it will be the savings that can be achieved despite the tax The project to modify the Tax Code of the city of Buenos Aires, effective as of 2021, contemplates a new taxable event in the Stamp Tax that impacts on credit … Read more

Lousy scam with bar owner | Internet portal does not pay out donations – domestic news

Source: BILD 01:48 Min. 26.11.2020 Lousy scam with the bar owner Internet portal paysDonate not out A bar owner from Hamburg collected donations of around € 700 through the portal “leetchi.com”. Because he does not get his money, he now goes to the police. .

The countries have to pay more corona aid themselves

When the federal and state governments negotiate the corona policy, a result is certain beforehand: only the federal government is responsible for the economic consequences of new resolutions to protect health, although the states largely determine the decisions. What is new is that the Union side of the coalition grumbles about the lack of burden … Read more

State must pay 80 thousand soles to Mirian Morales’ lawyer

According to the Transparency and OSCE portal, under two requests approved by the presidential office, the State must pay for the defense of Mirian Morales, former Secretary General of the Government Palace, involved in the “Richard Swing” case. According to article 154, the servants have the right to have defense and legal advice from the … Read more

How donations pay off for tax purposes

To read this article, take a cheap trial month for only € 0.99 or log in as a subscriber. All content on Lokal26.de is then available to you without restriction. This article is exclusive to our subscribers. Read on now: just 0,99 € in the 1st month thereafter € 7.99 & monthly terminable Are you … Read more

A rapid restructuring of debts of countries that cannot pay will be important: Stiglitz

The 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics, Joseph Stiglitz He was the guest in the last edition of the first season of the podcast Norte Economico de Banorte. There, he stressed that it is highly probable that, derived from the global crisis, several countries will have a debt crisis. In this sense, he considered it important … Read more