Good News, Bumiputera Wants to Pay Claims! Save the date

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Asuransi Jiwa Bersama (AJB) Bumiputera 1912 accelerated the implementation of the Extraordinary Session (SLB) as suggested by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The Member Advisory Board (BPA) of AJB Bumiputera 1912 said that this SLB was accelerated in order to comply with the recommendations and directions of OJK RI as … Read more

Sint shopped early this year, ‘Black Friday may have had an influence’

ANP NOS News•Sunday, 8:08 PM Sinterklaas bought presents well before the wonderful evening this year, probably because he still wanted to take advantage of last week’s Black Friday offers. Normally, he only goes to the shop for gifts on the Saturday before Pakjesavond or on December 5, says the Dutch Payments Association. Last Thursday, the … Read more

Imu 2022 balance, the deadline to pay on December 16: the guide to paying the right amount

How to check the balance value Back to the checkout to satisfy the appetite of the Commons. By Friday 16 December, property owners must pay the 2022 balance of the Imu, the single municipal tax on property. confirmed the exemption for main residences and related appurtenances, excluding luxury ones (see also the article opposite in … Read more

Slovenská banka is massively raising prices from 2023. All clients pay €12 for the basic service!

Fees are something that is not a favorite feature of any company. With banks, we had to get used to them, and in Slovakia we often pay for things that are not a threat abroad. This is also the case with, which as of February 1 will introduce a shockingly high fee. Updated on … Read more

RTL Today – “1,470 euros to pay”: This breakdown with AdBlue could cost you dearly

Many recent diesel cars would be affected by a risk of breakdown with their AdBlue device. Here are some tips to avoid paying a (heavy) bill. If you bought a recent diesel car, there is a good chance that it is equipped with a AdBlue tank. Remember that this liquid, composed in particular of urea, … Read more

Few in the US know or pay attention to their nutritional guide

More than a decade after the United States Department of Agriculture stopped recommending the long-standing and well-known food pyramid, few Americans have heard of MyPlate, a plate-shaped logo emphasizing that fruits and vegetables they should make up half of all meals. Only about 25% of American adults are aware of the guide, which was launched … Read more

Coordinating PMK Minister Should Not Comment on “No Work No Pay”

JAKARTA, – Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Coordinating PMK Minister), Muhadjir Effendy agreed to the employer’s proposal to reduce working hours or no work no pay to prevent layoffs. Knowing this, workerslaborer regretted the statement from the Coordinating Minister for PMK. Party President Laborer who is also the President of KSPI Said … Read more

A bipartisan amendment “saves” Serie A: clubs will be able to pay taxes suspended for one year in 60 installments without interest or penalties

Il pressing it went well. There A league get a solution for not paying the taxes, all at once. The suspension of taxes, in fact, would have expired on December 22nd. And the green light to save the presidents of the top flight of Italian football gives cascading benefits to all sports associations and clubs. … Read more

Standby for Bankruptcy, This Country Cannot Pay Debt to China

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Djibouti has suspended debt payments to its two main bilateral creditors. This was done due to increased financing pressure. In the latest World Bank report, Djibouti is known to have the cost of servicing its foreign debt tripled by 2022 from US$ 54 million (Rp 833 billion) last year to US$ … Read more

Workers have not received as much pay rise as they do now since the 1970s | Economy

02 dec 2022 om 05:30Update: 2 dagen geleden The wage agreements that have been made this year are substantial. Employees on average have not received this much on their pay slips since the early 1970s. “And the trend is still upwards,” says a spokesperson for employers’ association AWVN. Wages rose by no less than 6.7 … Read more