Savings Get 1% Interest, Borrowing Must Pay 10%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bank credit growth is still relatively low. Until the end of 2021, bank credit growth according to Bank Indonesia (BI) records only reached 5.24%. Willem A. Makaliwe, Managing Director of the FEB UI Management Institute, assessed that this was due to the high loan interest rates provided by banks. Where the … Read more

Germany: Millions of vaccinated without pay?

In line with these new rules quarantined workerswho have been vaccinated once or for whom a second vaccination was more than three months previously will no longer be entitled to compensation. Until now, this has only applied to unvaccinated people who have been sent to quarantine. “Millions of workers are being threatened loss of earnings … Read more

How to Pay Motor Vehicle Taxes Online, Without Having to Go to Samsat All

JAKARTA, – Today, the use of technology for public services is increasingly widespread and integrated. So, there is no need to bother to face to face in dealing with something like tax motor vehicle. Through the digital vehicle tax service application, Samsat National Digital (Signal) developed by Police Traffic Corps, the owner no longer … Read more

Let us pay higher taxes, say American millionaires to politicians

The group, which calls itself patriotic millionaires, said that the extremely rich are not currently forced to pay their share of global economic recovery after the pandemic. “As millionaires, we know the current tax system is not fair. Most of us can say that while the world has suffered enormously in the last two years, … Read more

Payment by smartphone: CIH Bank innovates through CIH PAY

CIH Bank announces the launch of CIH PAY, its new smartphone payment solution, in partnership with Mastercard. This innovation is a first in North Africa. CIH Bank continues to innovate as part of its strategy to digitize banking services. Thus, the bank announces the launch of a first in North Africa, consisting of a new … Read more

Those who earn minimum wage pay attention to this news! Very important lien decision

According to the TKBB statement, TKBB, which serves its sustainability focus and continues to offer solutions to its stakeholders with innovative and alternative financing resources, shared its new professional arrangement decision in line with its growth strategy that positions environmental, social and economic sustainability beyond financial figures. “Professional Arrangement Decision Regarding Not Seizing Some Customer … Read more

Slovaks will not cease and pay extra for packages from China. The post office has a new agreement

It was signed at the end of last year. It brings major news to clients. At the end of October, the General Director of Slovenská pošta, Martin Ľupták for Živé.sk statedthat the institution is trying to get Slovaks again facilitated shopping from Chinese stores. The post office therefore agreed with the Czech Post and AliExpress … Read more

“Citizenship income is not used to pay the Camorra’s labor”

“In the metropolitan area of ​​Naples we record scams in the area of ​​citizenship income for an amount of 5 million euros. I believe that the issue must be addressed without demagoguery: there are social groups that need support, but I believe that a work of preventive filter “. This was stated by the president … Read more