Microsoft fixes the problem of browser selection in Windows 11

Microsoft’s latest Insider build again allows you to select the default third-party browser. […] (c) IDG One of the most serious mistakes that Microsoft with Windows 11 committed was that users are not simply finding alternatives to the edgeBrowser Download and install. Microsoft’s latest Insider build seems to fix this. Asked on Wednesday Microsoft the … Read more

GeForce RTX 3080 vs. Radeon RX 6800 XT

Performance matters – but price could be even more important. […] (c) Brad Chacos / IDG The battle of high-end graphics cards is characterized by high frame rates, high resolutions and ever higher prices. Want to know which high-performance graphics processor is worth your hard-earned money? Welcome to the competition between Nvidias RTX 3080 and … Read more

How to create a bootable installation drive

Put the macOS Monterey installer on an external USB drive or hard drive and use it to install the operating system on a Mac. […] (c) Apple Apple offers a new version of macOS called Monterey which you can find in the “Software update” area in the system settings. However, if you want to upgrade … Read more

How to switch out of S mode

It’s quick, free, and only takes a minute or two. […] (c) IDG Some inexpensive Windows PCs and tablets come with Windows 11 Home shipped in S mode (also known as Windows 11 S) to secure the PC and prevent unauthorized applications from being used by restricting access to the Windows Store software. However, there … Read more

Printer with online compulsion: printers to get used to

Expensive replacement cartridges and toner are no longer the biggest problem with printers: some printers only work if they are networked with their manufacturer. Not a good idea if you care about security. […] Printers pose many annoyances and problems. Expensive replacement cartridges and inks are the least of the evils – the dubious practices … Read more

How Windows 11 will speed up your PC

If your PC feels faster, is it faster? That’s the goal of Windows 11 with some clever tweaks under the hood. […] (c) YouTube/Microsoft Windows 11 looks different for sure, but the under-the-hood performance improvements can also make it feel different – especially in the way the operating system handles multiple applications and how your … Read more

Apple ends 2021 with new products

Apple has a ton of new products to bring to market this fall. […] Apple still has something in the pipeline (c) IDG With only four months to go until the end of 2021, it could be said that the year is for Apple went quietly. So far we’ve got a new 24-inch iMac, an … Read more

Fight against a growing threat

Viruses on Mac? For a long time, people thought impossible – not just in the Apple community. The operating system from Apple was considered the safe alternative to Windows PCs – a misconception, because Macs are by no means immune to malware. […] Mac operating systems are no longer completely immune to malware, as the … Read more

Windows 10 will soon be aggressively blocking dubious downloads

You will have the option to allow crypto miners and other auxiliary applications on your PC, but Microsoft will tell you if they are a bad idea. […] Windows 10 helps you to protect your computer (c) Noisy Microsoft will Windows 10 Block Potentially Unwanted Applications by default from the beginning of August – … Read more

How to set up Teams chat in Windows 11

Text your friends with Teams (video calls are coming soon). […] (c) Microsoft Microsoft has started the integrated Teams–Chat-Function to roll out the Windows 11 test, so announced Microsoft this week. Learn how to use Teams chat (officially called Microsoft Teams chat) in Windows 11. If you have the Teams–Chat not yet in your preview … Read more