Simple and Fast, Here’s How to Convert PDF Files to Word

Illustration. PDF to Word. Special – Without having to be complicated and use additional applications to convert Portable Document Format (PDF) files to Word. The use of PDF files is currently widely used because it is easy to send and fast. But there are still many who still don’t know how to convert PDF … Read more

[Teaching]Super practical! No third-party App required!Teach you to sign PDF files on iPhone / iPad

Many times, especially as we do 3C editors, before the new machine is released, you can listen to the product introduction in many cases, but the main premise is that you must sign a document called NDA, which is the non-disclosure agreement we often hear. If you are using an iPhone or iPad and receive … Read more

ChatPDF integrates ChatGPT to quickly analyze key content details of PDF files- Mr. Crazy

Since ChatGPT broke out in the first year of artificial intelligence AI in 2023, there are now many plug-ins and application services that can be used. For example, WeChat allows ChatGPT to have an Internet connection to lift the time limit. Through AIPRM for ChatGPT, you can have hundreds of command spell templates to apply. … Read more

PDF Quebec | Liberals accuse Quebec of funding a group described as “transphobic”

Sorry, your browser does not support videos (Quebec) Liberals accuse Quebec of funding a “transphobic” group. According to Jennifer Maccarone, the positions defended by the organization Pour les droits des femmes du Québec (PDF Québec) in terms of gender identity go against the actions taken by the government plan to fight against homophobia and transphobia. … Read more

The extravagant stage bombs of the director Lilia Abadzhieva, who plays a secretary in the series “Guilts”

The famous actress entered the film to see how Victor Bozhinov works Years ago, I don’t remember how many years ago, a German critic named Torsten Maas quoted my exclamation on the occasion of Lilia Abadjieva and the MGT “Behind the Channel” play “The Sorrows of Young Werther” in Germany: “We are already starting to … Read more

Russia is no longer important enough to be hated

Indifference to Putin’s aggression in Ukraine baffles Western analysts, writes the political analyst in the “Financial Times”* After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, American analysts began to ask themselves the question: “Why do they hate us?”. A year after the start of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, another variation on the same question … Read more

If Russia wanted to defeat Joe Biden, it would only take 100 seconds

During the surprise visit of US President Joe Biden to Ukraine, it became clear that he could easily have been the victim of a Russian hypersonic Dagger missile strike. Beating Biden would only take 100 seconds. The Russian MiG-31K fighters, which are the carriers of the hypersonic missiles, were already in the air, and thanks … Read more

Hristo Grozev warned that real military aid to Russia is starting from China

I was banned from attending the BAFTA Awards because of danger to others as well. However, there was the presence of the cinema elite and a representative of the royal family – Prince William, who is the patron of the event. This commented in front of Nova TV the investigative journalist Hristo Grozev, whom the … Read more

TFR and TFS advance for civil servants: here is all the official info for submitting the application. INPS message [PDF]

Public employees will be able to request an advance of the TFR or TFS without waiting for the standard terms. They can take advantage of all or part of their accrued TFR not yet paid. The request can be sent online on the INPS website from 1 February 2023, as specified in message no. 430 … Read more