Fonseca and Castro. “They’re compulsive liars, they’re pedophiles,” says former judge on rulers

“Mr. Ferro Rodrigues has already left the presidency of the Assembly of the Republic (AR). It is obvious that the excuse was the dissolution of the AR, but, in fact, and I have said this for a long time, that sooner or later he was going to say that I had a big stomachache and … Read more

Sexual harassment in the Catholic Church: Investigation reveals thousands of pedophiles in the French Church

4 October 2021 Image source, Getty Images Caption, Illustration of Mass in a church in Paris. Thousands of pedophiles have operated within the French Catholic Church since 1950, said the head of a panel investigating mistreatment by church members. Jean-Marc Sauvé told French media that the commission had found evidence of 2,900 to 3,200 perpetrators … Read more

France. An independent commission detected about three thousand. pedophiles in the Catholic Church | World news

Watch the video “What grace” for covering up pedophilia? O. Gużyński: This is a very inappropriate thing There are reports of the work of the commission for pedophilia in Polish Ko¶ciele Catholic, meanwhile an independent commission from France has just presented a report on the situation among native clergy. According to a document quoted by … Read more

There have been thousands of pedophiles in the French Church since the 1950s, the commission will announce

During the Commission’s investigation, 2.9–3.2 thousand were clarified. pedophiles – priests and other members of the Church, said Jean-Marc Sauve. According to him, this is a minimum number. The Commission in its 2.5 thousand. the pages report is due to be published on Tuesday, following a two-and-a-half-year investigation based on Church, court and police archives, … Read more

Pedophiles Join Online Games to Attack Children

Agnes Lard Yesterday at 07:07 Pedophiles are meddling in online games to captivate future victims, enticing them to keep in touch on other platforms afterwards. The guarantee is from the Judiciary Police (PJ), which, on Thursday, detained 15 men across the country during a mega-operation to combat child pornography. There are indications that some of … Read more

Berlin authorities hand over children to pedophiles for almost 30 years – Abroad – News

Beginning in the 1970s, Helmut Kentler, a professor of psychology, carried out an “experiment” in deliberately placing homeless children in the care of pedophile men, who, according to Kentler, were particularly loving foster parents. A study by the University of Hildesheim found that the Berlin authorities had been practicing the practice for almost 30 years … Read more

Study: For decades, the Berlin authorities have placed children in the care of pedophiles

In the former West Berlin, the authorities have regularly placed homeless children in the care of pedophile men, and a recent study shows that this practice has persisted for decades, even after German reunification. Beginning in the 1970s, Helmut Kentler, a professor of psychology, conducted an “experiment,” deliberately handing over homeless children to pedophile men … Read more

Pedophilia trial in Germany – virtual network of pedophiles involved, up to 30,000 people – Abroad – News

Police point out that the photos uploaded by Jerusalem L. to the Swiss news exchange app “Threema”, in which tens of thousands of people viewed the images. In October last year, a search of a man’s home near Cologne was carried out, as a result of which law enforcement identified several dozen other possible pedophiles. … Read more

A priest from Tylawa, convicted of pedophiles, after many years forbidden to celebrate mass with the participation of the faithful

Watch the video Cymański about Piotrowicz and Pawłowicz in TK The case of child molestation by priest Michał M. – the then long-time parish priest in Tylawa – came to light in 2001. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Krosno (which was then headed by Stanisław Piotrowicz) dismissed the case. She returned to the list in … Read more