Despite NSO Group’s approaches, France chose not to purchase Pegasus spyware at the end of 2020

Logo of NSO Group, the Israeli company offering Pegasus spyware. AMIR COHEN / REUTERS When it comes to spyware, France is an exception: unlike many European countries, it did not sign a contract with NSO Group to gain access to the flagship of its arsenal, the spyware for smartphones Pegasus. She even, according to our … Read more

Israel recognized Poland as a regime. There will be no trade in weapons and Pegasus

So far, there have been 102 countries on the list to which Israeli companies were allowed to sell software Unofficially, it is said that this is the result of international pressure from Israel’s key allies According to security experts, Polish services used Pegasus software More similar information can be found on the Onet homepage The … Read more

Pegasus system. Prosecutor Wrzosek targets Pegasus. What is this? How it works? Why do governments need a spy tool?

Pegasus is a very easy to use, but technically very complicated spy tool, sold to governments of many countries – said Adam Haertle from the website on TVN24. When asked what the services could look for on the phone, prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek, Haertle replied: – Undoubtedly, they can find all the information that is … Read more

Prosecution: what Kossa said about Pegasus does not correspond to reality

The document was sent by one of the complainants, István Tényi The complaint was made in early November on the grounds of misuse of classified information and misuse of office, after the politician reported to the National Defense and Law Enforcement Committee. stated reporters that the Department of the Interior had purchased the software … Read more

The government won’t be able to surveillance? Israel restricts access to Pegasus. Poland and Hungary cut off

Watch the video Paweł Czyżak was a guest of Green Morning (November 26) Israeli media reports that authorities in the country have “narrowed down the list of countries to which small businesses can sell surveillance tools or cyber attacks.” It is a spy tool intended to be used to combat terrorism and organized crime. One … Read more

Apple’s iPhone Pegasus attack warns prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek

– I just received an @AppleSupport alert about a possible cyberattack on my phone by government services. With the indication that I may be the target of the attack because of what I am doing or who I am, informed Ewa Wrzosek on Twitter on Wednesday. – I will take the warning seriously because it … Read more

a fourth Belgian spyware victim, “it happened very quickly”

Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 07:20 a.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga Amnesty International has detected traces of infection with the Pegasus spyware in the iPhone of a Belgian activist campaigning for the cause of Western Sahara, Le Soir and Knack reported on Wednesday. The Belgian El Mahjoub Maliha (36), domiciled in Tessenderlo (Limburg), … Read more

Index – Domestic – Pegasus has actually been used in Hungary, but we don’t know what

“The case was made public in July by an investigative portal called Direkt36. On the day the article was published, it was decided with Péter Ungár and Zsolt Molnár to convene an extraordinary meeting of the National Security Committee as soon as possible. Four months have passed since then, but the public has not been … Read more

New Pegasus ?: Alert about a ‘malware’ that steals data from Android ‘smartphones’

Published: 11 nov 2021 22:03 GMT The malicious program has attacked the smartphones of more than a thousand users in South Korea. Last summer, the existence of spyware Pegasus – from the Israeli company NSO Group -, revealed by a media consortium in a joint investigation, shook the world. This Wednesday, researchers from the cybersecurity … Read more

A Fidesz MP admitted that the Defense government had purchased a Pegasus spy program

The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has so far refused to confirm that Pegasus, he used, was noted by the AFP agency. Vice-Chairman Fideszu and Lajos Kósa, head of the parliamentary committee on defense and law enforcement, confirmed the purchase of the software to journalists after Thursday’s committee meeting. At the same time, he … Read more