In the aftermath of the disappearance of Rafael’s name from the NCO’s chassis, the Regional Police Propam Checks the Pansel

MANADO — The Propam Division of the North Sulawesi Police (North Sulawesi) inspected the Selection Committee (Pansel) for the Integrated Admission of Police Members for the 2021 FY in North Sulawesi. The examination was the result of the sudden disappearance of Rafael Malalangi’s name from the list of Candidates for Students (Casis) of the National … Read more

This is How to Overcome Lost Appetite Due to Covid-19

PEKANBARU – In some cases, Covid-19 can cause prolonged symptoms that last for weeks to months after the infection clears. This condition is known as post-Covid-19 syndrome or long covid. Likelihood of experiencing long covid appears to be unrelated to the severity of infection with Covid-19. So, not only patients who are seriously ill, patients … Read more

Impressed similar, here’s how to tell the difference between the common cold and Covid-19

PEKANBARU – Symptoms of the common cold or the common cold are similar to those of Covid-19. A heart and blood vessel specialist from the Indonesian Cardiovascular Specialist Association (PERKI), Vito A Damay, said the similarities were symptoms of a runny nose and stuffy nose. However, he explained that Covid-19 also has fever, cough, uncomfortable … Read more

The Man Who Died in Dumai Turns Out To Be Pounced On By More Than One Sumatran Tiger

PEKANBARU – Samino (53), a man who was found in a pathetic condition in the Production Forest area of ​​PT. Suntara Gajapati, in Dumai, Riau, is suspected to have been attacked by more than one Sumatran tiger. Based on the findings of the Riau BBKSDA Team, at the location where Samino’s body was found, it … Read more

This is the explanation of Telkom IndiHome and Telkomsel about Internet disruption in Sumatra

PEKANBARU – Users of Telkomsel and IndiHome internet services in North Sumatra and Central Sumatra experienced disruption since Tuesday (11/8) afternoon. Telkom Indonesia confirmed the technical issue was due to the Telkom Automated Telephone Center (STO) facility building in the city of Pekanbaru on fire. According to the company, the fire incident occurred at 15.00 … Read more

Toyota Astra Recall 36,000 Alphard, Innova, Fortuner, Corolla, Cruiser and Hilux, This is the Problem

JAKARTA – PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) announced a recall of around 36,000 cars from six products in Indonesia.Quoted from, all of the cars experienced problems with the fuel pump or fuel pump are gasoline-engined models. There are several models affected by recall, including the Toyota Alphard output from 2017 to 2018, Corolla 2018 … Read more

Add 4 Patients, Five South Sumatra Residents Who Worked in Siak were Positive Covid-19

PEKANBARU – Riau Provincial Health Office (Diskes) Head, Mimi Yuliani Nazir said, that four of the eleven new positive cases of Covid-19 in Riau that were announced on Sunday (7/19/2020) this afternoon, had something to do with the 242th patient, Mr. R (26) residents of the Province of South Sumatra (South Sumatra).“There are four new … Read more