BRICS meeting, proof that Russia still has strong allies despite being hit by Western sanctions

MOSCOW, – President Vladimir Putin met with a group of top world leaders this week. This is a reminder that Russia still have strong allies despite the strong international backlash against invasion ke Ukraine. Reported from InsiderPutin attended a virtual meeting of the BRICS alliance on Thursday (23/6/2022), a group consisting of Russia, India, … Read more

Formula 1 | Grosjean disagrees with Alonso penalty: ‘Let them fight!’

For having zigzagged in a straight line in front of Valtteri Bottas in Montreal at the end of the race, Fernando Alonso was penalized 5 seconds after the Grand Prix and therefore fell from seventh to ninth place, scoring 2 points instead of 6 in the world championship. Formula 1. Before that, the Alpine F1 … Read more

A penalty kick ignites the match between Baghdad Municipality and Al-Diwaniyah in the Iraqi League

Iraqi fans watched a funny scene (Karim Suhaib/Getty) team succeeded Diwaniyahin seizing the three points, from the match that brought him together with Amanat Baghdad, within the 37th week of Iraqi League Premier League football, with a goal scored by Anas Malik Ali in the 91st minute, of the confrontation with a penalty kick, sparked … Read more

Grosjean disagrees with the penalty for Alonsa –

“It’s a pleasure to see Fernando doing well,” Grosjean said on his YouTube channel. “When you look at a 20-year-old driver riding his first season in Formula One, there’s excitement, fire. He just radiates this. “ “Every time he came out of bullying, he went sideways. He was fast on Friday. He was very impressive … Read more

He refused an Englishman and put pressure on an Egyptian .. A penalty kick from Zamalek embarrassed Essam Abdel Fattah

Essam Abdel-Fattah, head of the referees committee of the Egyptian Football Association, sparked a state of controversy recently, due to an alleged penalty kick for Zamalek against Al-Ahly. Al-Ahly tied with Zamalek 2-2, during the match that brought them together, on Sunday, at Al-Salam Stadium, in a match postponed from the 20th round of the … Read more

Leclerc’s return penalty and Hamilton’s car “disastrous”

After finishing second behind world champion and current driver leader Max Verstappen (Red Bull) in the second test round at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Ferrari announced that it will equip new electronic control components for the power unit in the driver’s car from the Principality of Monaco. Leclerc, 24, has suffered two engine failures this year, … Read more

Leclerc will lose ten seats at the start in Canada after replacing the engine control unit

Due to engine problems, Leclerc did not finish two of the last four races and lost the championship lead. The Monaco rider, who triumphed in Bahrain and Australia at the beginning of the season, came out empty-handed in Spain and Azerbaijan. In Friday’s practice in Montreal, Leclerc set the second fastest time behind the series … Read more

Leclerc received a penalty, he will start the best eleven at the Canadian Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc during the Grand Prix qualification. | photo: AP <!—-> Due to the Leclerc engine, he did not finish two of the last races and drove because of the lead in the ampion. The Monack rider, who triumphed in the water of the season in Bahrain and Australia, rode empty in Spain and zerbjdn. … Read more

Leclerc prepares for penalty after Ferrari declares engine irreparable

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc faces a penalty for delaying the start, possibly at the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday, after his team declared the car’s engine beyond repair after ending its hopes in the last Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Ferrari said the power unit was badly damaged beyond repair and the problem may be related to a … Read more