Only 2 pension multifunds returned positive in July due to local uncertainty and stalking Delta | Economy

The pension multi-funds they registered mixed results during the month of July, with a positive performance of the riskiest funds due to the rise of the dollar; and with negative returns in the most conservative. The latter, according to the consulting firm Ciedess, was mainly due to the arrival of the Delta variant and political … Read more

Kelly Clarkson will have to pay a pension of almost $ 200,000 per month

Singer Kelly Clarkson was ordered to pay her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, $ 195,000 per month in spousal and child support. A Los Angeles County court judge delivered his verdict after reviewing documents that the singer and TV personality’s monthly income is more than $ 1.5 million. This new arrangement is retroactive to April 1, 2021. … Read more

The European Commission has issued worrying news about pensions

According to the European Commission’s 2021 Aging Report, life expectancy in Hungary for both women and men will be at least 6-7 years longer by 2070 after reaching the retirement age. According to the data of the European Commission in 2019, the situation in Hungary is especially bad for men, as they have reached the … Read more

Welfare Pension: when will the 3,100 pesos of the last two months of the year be deposited to older adults

Payments are made bimonthly. (Photo: Cuartoscuro) After payment to the elderly enrolled in the Welfare pension program, corresponding to the July-August bimester, We will reveal when the next economic dispersion will take place this year. It must be remembered that the previous collection for the benefit of the elderly was made from the past June … Read more

Many employees contribute too little to their supplementary pension

Three quarters of employees do not reach the target of 3% contribution of their gross salary to their supplementary pension (called the 2nd pillar) set by the Vivaldi majority, it emerged Tuesday from a study carried out by the public body Sigedis at the request of the Minister of Pensions Karine Lalieux. In 2020, in … Read more

Park Goon, who gave up his 3 billion won pension for his dream of becoming a ‘Radio Star’ singer, “Because it’s the age of 100…”

[스포츠서울 | 이용수기자] Singer Park Gun, a former special forces soldier, is drawing attention when it is revealed that he has given up his pension worth 3 billion won. MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, aired on the 21st, was featured as a ‘Steel Man’ featuring actors Lim Chae-moo, Lee Jun-hyuk, and singer Oh Jong-hyuk. Before debuting as … Read more

So you can register to receive the pension for the elderly

Registration to receive the Welfare Pension to older adults age 65 will now be through registration modules which will operate as follows. As of August 2, the Banco del Bienestar will install registration modules throughout the country so that adults over 65 can access and register to receive this economic benefit. The new rules contemplate … Read more

Determine your pension yourself! – World Newspaper

Ufuk KORCAN Everyone’s dream is a comfortable retirement. A stress-free life, which is the reward of years of hard work without financial difficulties. Unfortunately, the situation of retirees in Turkey is far from this dream. Since most retirees cannot make a living, they either do additional work or continue to work in their current jobs. … Read more

don’t use your phone like this because the problem is right away!

The threat of cyber security is growing in European countries, according to a survey by Kaspersky, a manufacturer of IT security solutions. When planning a trip, executives handling confidential company data in particular should be aware that while South-Eastern Europe has the most risky online banking transactions, Apple users are mostly hunted by cybercriminals in … Read more

Pension funds totaled $ 331.4 billion in the first half

As “very positive” the union of private pension funds, Asofondos, described the month of June, which closed the second quarter of the year. This, said the association, despite the fact that the period “was marked by bittersweet factors in local markets.” According to the union, which groups Colfondos, Porvenir, Protección and Skandia, this second semester … Read more