A series of five concerts for families with children / Day will be performed in Dzintari Concert Hall

From November 7, five Sundays to December 5, there will be concerts for families with children from 2 years to adolescence. On November 7, popular musicians will captivate young and old listeners in a program full of fantasy traffic adventures Hum, hum auto brauc! The program is intended for preschool children, introducing them to the … Read more

This is not a scam, Borussia chokes. Haaland performed an incredible trick

Football Borussia Dortmund has released a video in which Erling Braut Haaland first puts three balls on top of each other and then gradually hits them in the gallows. “Believe us, it’s real,” wrote Borussia’s social network administrators. No matter how suspicious the video may look (especially the part with putting the balls on top … Read more

Marianna Schreiber performed with Kuba Wojewódzki. She revealed the truth about the marriage. Will there be a divorce?

The performance of the wife of the PiS minister in the “Top Model” program was a real breakthrough in her life. At that time, the media became interested in her person, and she also gained a lot of followers on Instagram. After that, everything happened very quickly. Marianna Schreiber began to show bolder photos online, … Read more

By 2027, road construction works with a total length of 1360 km will be performed for 358 million euros

The construction plan of the state regional road network until 2027 envisages investments in regional roads in the total length of 43 kilometers in the Riga planning region. The long-awaited construction works on the section of the state regional highway P4 Riga – Ērgļi from the Riga bypass to the Ropaži turn will start next … Read more

Antibody measurements were performed in nursing homes in the capital, here is the result

The aim of the survey was to provide a comprehensive overview of an important component of the protection status of residents and staff of institutions against coronavirus by determining IgG neutralizing antibody levels. The sufficient number of samples and the training of the groups made it possible to map the situation, taking into account the … Read more

The Škoda Enyaq iV performed worse in the lottery test than its sister VW ID.4

The electric SUV surprised with its tendency to unexpected and significant oversteer The Mladá Boleslav electric SUV Škoda Enyaq iV, the first built on the company’s MEB electric platform, recently arrived for testing by the Spanish organization km77.com, which verifies the car’s stability during the elk test and slalom. At the beginning of the summer, … Read more

Péter Haumann: This is the last time I have performed on stage

I have a feeling that this is the last time I’ve performed on stage. I will still have acting, but no longer on stage. I have completed this part of my profession Said RTL Focus in his show Peter Haumann after the one-fifth hundredth performance of Cats. The musical for the Madách Theater was premiered … Read more

Football|Fu Haoqiang, a famous Hong Kong-made orthopedic doctor, passed away and performed surgery for Ibaqian to save his player’s career (16:00)-20210925-Sports-News

In April 2017, Iba Qianmoyu, who played for Manchester United that year, suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. After that, he went to the United States for medical treatment. Fu Haoqiang performed the operation and successfully saved the current AC Milan. He will start next month. 40-year-old star career. After the … Read more

Zheng Jingliang, acting head of the Hong Kong delegation: Hong Kong athletes performed very well and hope that the Chinese women’s volleyball team will go to Hong Kong again-Chinanews.com

[14th National Games]Acting head of the Hong Kong delegation Zheng Jingliang: Hong Kong athletes performed very well and hope that the Chinese women’s volleyball team will go to Hong Kong again On September 18, the karate competition of the 14th National Games was held in Xi’an. On that day, Hong Kong player Liu Mingming participated … Read more

MTV VMA 2021: Megan Fox came almost naked, she changed like this for years! Who else performed extravagant pieces here?

Sexy Megan Fox has recently been appearing at events less and less dressed. She came to the MTV award ceremony in a translucent body dress. Its change in recent years is more than obvious! What he owes for his beauty is revealed by a well-known doctor … Do you still remember her as a young … Read more