Omar Kamal performs at his sister’s wedding and sings his most famous songs. Pictures

Written by Bahaa Nabil Sunday, May 28, 2023 11:37 PM The singer celebrated Omar Kamal At the wedding of his sister Aya, in his country, Suez Governorate, Omar Kamal was keen to revive his sister’s wedding ceremony, and he sang a group of his most famous songs, including, Crispy Biscuit, Girl of the Neighbors, You … Read more

The Provincial Symphony Orchestra performs at El Círculo with free admission

The Provincial Symphony Orchestra performs at El Círculo with free admission The concert will be on Wednesday, May 24. Alejandro Sandler will be the guest conductor and Gabriel Sánchez de la Vega will be the piano soloist. The Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Rosario, which depends on the Ministry of Culture, will present its third concert … Read more

Revealed! Dentist Performs Illegal Abortion Practices in Bali, Goes Back and forth to Jail with Similar Cases – Practice cases abortion illegal practice by a dentist in Bali, has become a public topic of conversation. In fact, netizens on social media questioned the figure dentist the. So, who is the dentist who is said to have illegally aborted 1,338 fetuses? Party Bali Police through Deputy Director of Special Criminal Investigation for … Read more

📰 VIDEO – This autonomous AI performs up to 10,000 microbiology experiments per day

In a science lab, robots perform science experiments at lightning speed. Thanks to an artificial intelligence, they are able to carry out up to 10,000 experiments a day, capable of revolutionizing the research in areas such as medicineagriculture and science ofenvironment. The artificial intelligence platform, named BacterAI, was developed by a team of researchers from … Read more

VIDEO: Featherweight, singer of lying down corridos, performs on Jimmy Fallon’s show

The Featherweight singer has become one of the most important of the moment, which is why he was invited to the Jimmy Fallon show, being a great achievement for him. By Dora Mendez Mexico City, April 29 (AS México).– After the great success that Featherweight has reached, it was revealed that he was invited by … Read more

Scottish Acrophobia BMX rider performs difficult tricks over 2,000 feet off the ground

[Sports News]BMX cyclist and Red Bull athlete Kriss Kyle on Thursday (13th) atRed Bull Bike YouTubePost your latest BMX video. The Scottish cyclist rode a BMX bike and performed BMX tricks on a bowl-shaped BMX track designed by Red Bull Racing Group’s High Performance Engineering department, suspended under a hot air balloon, more than 2,000 … Read more

The Philharmonic Choir of Morocco performs in A cappella mode

The voices of the Moroccan Philharmonic Choir (CPM) will resonate from April 9 to 12 in Meknes, Rabat and Casablanca, in an a cappella repertoire through the ages, under the baton of Indonesian choirmaster Ivan Yohan, back especially for the occasion. The Tenor Culture Foundation recalls that a cappella singing is said of a choral … Read more

Rudzupuķe or Dace Puce performs the legendary “Remix” song “Yellow Shoes”

Rudzupuķe offered the audience a Latvian version of the good old songs, performing the song “Yellow Shoes” by the band “Remix”. The Latvian mask did not hide that it is rooted in Latvia, but dreams of volcanoes and northern lights, places that enchant. At the end of the evening, the mask fell, revealing that the … Read more