Arief Chess Knocked Out, Persebaya Surabaya vs Persikabo Becomes Proof of Koko Ari in Front of Aji Santoso – Persebaya Surabaya wing-back, Arief Catur was kicked out ahead of the match against Persikabo in the postponed match of Week 18 of League 1. Aji Santoso’s team will host Persikabo at the Gelora Joko Samudro Gresik stadium on Saturday, March 25 2023. It seems Koko Ari will replace Arief Catur, who is absent … Read more

Persebaya Makes Major Changes – Two Foreigners Arrested and Left with 2 Key Players | SURABAYA – Persebaya Surabaya continues to move to prepare for the 2023-2024 League 1 competition. Players who were considered to have made a major contribution and appeared consistently were offered new contracts. It is certain that there will be changes to the Persebaya Surabaya squad in the 2023-2024 League 1 competition ahead, although … Read more

Reasons for Aji Santoso After Persebaya Lost to Barito Putera

BOLASPORT.COM – Persebaya Surabaya coach, Aji Santoso, highlighted the mistakes of the defenders after they bowed their heads at the Barito Putera headquarters. Persebaya Surabaya continues their fast of winning in the 2022-2023 League 1 event. The reason is, Persebaya Surabaya had to lose 1-2 at home to Barito Putera at the Demang Lehman Stadium, … Read more

Luis Milla’s Promise Ahead of the Persib Bandung vs Persebaya Surabaya Duel

BOLASPORT.COM – Persib Bandung coach, Luis Milla, is optimistic that his team can get up soon for the next match in League 1. In Week 29 of the 2022-2023 League 1 match, they had to take the bitter pill when they faced Persik Kediri, Wednesday (8/3/2023). Having the opportunity to approach PSM Makassar at the … Read more

PT LIB Set Schedule for Persija vs Persib and Persebaya Against Arema FC

Thursday, March 9 2023 – 00:34 WIB VIVA She was – The Main Director of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB), Ferry Paulus said, the two 2023 Indonesia League 1 matches which were previously postponed namely Persija versus Persib and Persebaya Surabaya against Arema FC will be held on March 31 and April 11 2023 respectively. … Read more

Persebaya Gives Up Chasing the Big Three, This Is Aji Santoso’s New Target

BOLASPORT.COM – Persebaya Surabaya coach, Aji Santoso has new targets for his team in the 2022/2023 League 1. For information, previously Aji Santoso had intended to bring Persebaya Surabaya to the top three according to management’s target. However, after losing many points in the last three matches, Aji Santoso considered this target difficult to achieve. … Read more

5 Facts about Hugo Samir, New Debutant for the U-20 National Team, Hafiz Al-Quran Despite Different Beliefs with His Father, Jackson F. Tiago

Surabaya, – Hugo Samir became a public concern after being included in the U-20 National Team squad to compete in the U-20 Asian Cup. Hugo Samir left with 23 other players for Uzbekistan. Hugo Samir is the son of an old player and famous coach from Brazil, Jackson F. Tiago. He is the first … Read more

Ketar-Ketir Playing at Persebaya Cage, PSM Makassar Coach Asks His Supporters for Help

BOLASPORT.COM – PSM Makassar coach Bernardo Tavares asked his supporter The Macz Man for help ahead of the away game against Persebaya Surabaya. Bernardo Tavares highly respects PSM Makassar supporters, The Macz Man, who he considers played a major role in the success of his team at the top of the 2022-2023 League 1 standings. … Read more

Persebaya Surabaya is sharp when attacking on almost all fronts, Aji Santoso talks about achievements

PERSEBAYA Persebaya Surabaya players celebrate after scoring a goal against Madura United, Sunday (29/1/2023). BOLASPORT.COM – Coach Persebaya Surabaya, Aji Santosocommented on the productivity of their goals which began to increase. Interestingly, from the last four matches, the Bajul Ijo team has successfully scored 11 goals. This is certainly good news after they had problems … Read more

Popular Persebaya News Today: Persebaya vs Madura United Schedule & Prayers for Marselino Ferdinan

SURYA.CO.ID – News Persebaya today’s popular Tuesday edition (24/1/2023), reviews the schedule Persebaya vs Madura United and Alta Ballah’s bio. As known, Persebaya Surabaya succeeded in conquering Bhayangkara FC at Gelora Joko Samudro Stadium, Gresik, Monday (23/1/2023). Persebaya won 2-1 through a pair of goals from Rizky Ridho and Paulo Victor. The result was the … Read more