Alex Muñoz: “It has not been easy. In music you have to be persistent “

Author and composer of bachatas and tropical themes such as “I got tired of fighting for you”, “Your hypocrisy”, “Love at first sight”, “What did I do wrong”, “Today I need you” and “Sorry, love, sorry”, Alex Muñoz has shown throughout his artistic career that music was born with him. “Sixto Diaz Cachay got me … Read more

Vitamins and minerals against persistent symptoms of illness

Health professionals often associate vitamins and minerals with several health benefits such as the Improve immunity. In a recently carried out, 12-week study with dietary supplements, researchers were able to determine a significant improvement in symptoms in sick subjects. The participants were given supplements that contained a certain amount of minerals, zinc and vitamin C. … Read more

in Rouen, patients and doctors closely monitor persistent symptoms

“I do everything a little slower than before, it’s a little more tiring at the muscular level”, says Pascal. This Rouennais caught the coronavirus in March. At first he thought he had the flu, a fever and a little tiredness, until he had difficulty breathing. What seemed to be a flu led him, at the … Read more

Persistent heat in Siberia would have been almost inconceivable without our intervention

The heat and record breaking temperatures are made possible by climate change. On June 20, all Arctic heat records were shattered in the Russian city of Verkhoyansk when the thermometer tapped 38 degrees Celsius (!). The extreme heat followed a months-long period (which started as early as January) when temperatures in Siberia were generally more … Read more