Odermatt taught in super-G in Cortina for the second time, Zabystřan set a personal best – ČT sport – Czech Television

SP in downhill skiing in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy): Men – Super Giant Slalom: 1. Odermatt (Switzerland) 1:25.13, 2. Paris (It.) -0.76, 3. Hemetsberger (Aust.) -1.03, 4. Sander (Germany) -1.07, 5 Kriechmayr (Austria) -1.09, 6. Pinturault (Fr.) -1.10, …19. Zabystřan (Czech Republic) -2.18. Current super-G standings (after 6 out of 8 races): 1. Odermatt 540, 2. … Read more

Madara Neiken’s personal exhibition “Over the horizon”

Exhibitions Madara Neiken’s personal exhibition “Over the horizon” 2023-04-26, 12:00 Gallery “Roman Garden” 5.00, 2.00 Although Madara Neiken actively participates in exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, this is her first solo exhibition in Liepāja. The artist says that it was with the sea that she started falling in love with painting and the desire to … Read more

XV of France: Antoine Dupont leaves the rally for personal reasons

The scrum-half and captain of the France team Antoine Dupont will be absent from the Les Bleus camp in Capbreton on Friday and Saturday for personal reasons but will be back in the Landes on Sunday, the French coaching staff announced on Thursday. “Antoine will be absent from the course for the next two days … Read more

Evander Kane leaves Oilers due to personal matter

Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane will not play Wednesday night against the Columbus Blue Jackets due to personal matter, according to Oilers TV reporter Tony Brar. On top of this absence, TSN team insider Ryan Rishaug reports that the Oilers are aware that Kane would miss tonight’s matchup, while some fans have been asking if … Read more

Personal record after 12 years! The son also congratulated the ageless Czech speedster

It is not surprising that the co-holder of the Czech record in the 100 was very happy. “At the age of 36, I did not expect a personal record in the first race,” said Veleba, who equaled his previous maximum of 6.65 seconds several times. His feelings were all the better that one of the … Read more

How to protect our personal data within our companies? » The economic and political newsletter of PACA

On the occasion of the European Data Protection Day, let’s take the time to protect our data. Next Saturday 28 January will be the European Day for the Protection of Personal Data. This day can be an opportunity to give a reminder on how to properly protect your data within a company. The use of … Read more

The massacre at work continues: two dead near Rome and Brescia – Chronicle

A 23-year-old Italian worker died in Fonte Nuova, a center in the province of Rome. The incident took place in via Stella Polare inside a waste disposal company. According to what was ascertained by the carabinieri, the young man was killed by a concrete slab that detached after being hit by the crane of the … Read more

The Consumer Council tested 9 dating apps. The fees for men and women are different. The 38-year-old’s most expensive personal information is used for promotion

front page The way the new generation meets friends or the opposite sex is constantly changing. In recent years, dating apps (dating apps) have emerged to broaden their circle of life and even find their other half. The Consumer Council tested 9 popular dating apps in Hong Kong, all of which defaulted to using the … Read more