Dollar price today Thursday, peso opens session with appreciation

Today Thursday March 9, 2023, the dollar trades at 17.9239 pesos per unit, with a downward trend in real time. According to the latest report from Banxico, the dollar ended yesterday, Wednesday, trading at 17.9888 pesos per unit. According to the economist Gabriela Siller, the peso begins the session with an appreciation of 0.31% or … Read more

Trick with the dollar and the peso: the maneuver that allows you to win more than $8,000 with US$1,000

With each new exchange gap that arises in Argentina, some investors detect the opportunity to do arbitration. That was what happened in the last month and a half, when the Central Bank (BCRA) began to intervene in financial exchange rates to keep prices “at bay”, while the Dolar blue continued on its bullish path. Today, … Read more

Peso closes with moderate advance despite the rebound of the dollar in the market

He Mexican peso concluded Thursday’s trading with a moderate gain. The local currency appreciated in a day of caution in the midst of an advance of the dollar against other major currencies amid renewed concerns about higher rates. He exchange rate ended the day at the level of 18.1277 units per dollar, compared to a … Read more

Three factors that make the Mexican peso strong against the dollar

Why does Mexico have a “superweight”? 3:22 (CNN Spanish) — The Mexican peso reached its best price against the dollar in the last two years on Thursday, strengthened mainly by attractive interest rates for investors, the historical inflow of remittances to the country and the high price of oil, the expert analyst told CNN in … Read more

Dollar in Colombia | Reasons why the Colombian peso is getting stronger | Finance | Economy

The dollar in Colombia closed this Friday below $4,700, after a downward streak that has marked the most recent days in the local market. (Dollar closed the week below $4,700). With this drop in the US currency, the Colombian peso registers a revaluation of 1.2 percent, and thus became one of the greatest advances among … Read more

Mexican peso falls against the dollar after reaching its best level in 3 years

The Mexican peso withdrew this Friday before a global rebound in the dollar, in a market attentive to comments during the day from members of the Federal Reserve after knowing on the eve that the us inflation slowed down in December. The peso was trading at 18.8801 units per greenback, with a depreciation of 0.28% … Read more

The Mexican super peso breaks the barrier of 19 per dollar, its best level in 3 years

The Mexican currency closed at 18.9498 per dollara gain of 0.6% compared to the 19.06 with which it closed on Tuesday, its best level since the end of February 2020, according to central bank data. “U.S. inflation is released tomorrow and the market is betting that it will continue to slow, which means the Fed … Read more