Pavel visited the Czechs, who are supposed to deter Russia. “It Fills Me With Pride”

Arriving at the Lešť training area in Slovakia, one sees a huge area with high walls and barbed wire. The so-called multinational NATO battle group operating here was created as a response to last year’s Russian invasion of Ukraine and has approximately 1,100 soldiers. In addition to roughly 450 Czechs, there are Slovaks, Germans, Americans … Read more

We all won, says Pavel after the appointment of new constitutional judges

The trio in the fifteen-member team of constitutional judges took the places after Jaroslav Fenyk, Jan Filip and Milada Tomková, whose ten-year mandate ended on May 3. “I will not hide that I feel satisfied with the appointment of three constitutional judges. I am convinced that by appointing three high-quality people, we all won,” said … Read more

On the road to respect. General Petr Pavel and his growing influence in Czech politics

The man in the new uniform, whose ideas and political direction have gained attention on the international stage, offers a breath of fresh air in political debates affected by conservative or populist currents. It is quite surprising that it is the former soldier and retired general who now appears to be the most liberal politician … Read more

The offensive window will close soon. Pavlo’s words about Ukraine caught the attention of the world media

At the Copenhagen Summit for Democracy, Petr Pavel called on NATO countries to provide Ukraine with all necessary equipment and ammunition by the end of spring at the latest. According to the president, the imaginary window for large-scale offensive operations against the Russian occupation forces will close in the fall. Ukraine thus has the only … Read more

Lipavský cleans diplomacy from Zeman’s favorites

You can also listen to the article in audio version. The Czech ambassador in Beijing, the former vice-governor of the Czech National Bank, Vladimír Tomšík, probably has the most distinctive Zemanist stamp. In China, he promoted Zeman’s positions, in some cases even in spite of the governments that “bossed” him. Tomšík will retire in the … Read more

The change did not come at the Castle, the senator was surprised

President Petr Pavel nominated ex-chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) Josef Baxa, former judge of the same court Daniela Zemanová and constitutional lawyer Jan Wintra as constitutional judges. Do you think they will pass the Senate? I think they can hit. Just as the President has the right to propose constitutional judges, the Senate … Read more

Jurečka is planning big changes in pensions! Podfuk, criticizes the planned temporary contribution of the opposition

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL) announced the upcoming changes in pensions at a press conference today. Instead of extraordinary pension valorizations, seniors will be able to receive a “temporary” allowance paid automatically. Current and future pensions will always be properly valued on January 1st, by inflation and a third of the … Read more

Žbirka won the Anděl awards posthumously, Svěrák was inducted into the hall of fame by President Pavel

Musician David Žbirka. | Photo: CTK Four Angel awards for Žbirka Miro Žbirka succeeded posthumously with the recording, which was completed for him by his son David, known from the band Sunnbrella. The singer recorded the vocals at home in Strašnice, Prague, otherwise the album was created in London studios. At Saturday’s ceremony, she successively … Read more

The method of cancellation of 77 financiers criticizes local governments: A slap in the face, the head of the Union of Cities and Municipalities is angry

According to Lukl, the mayors learned about the cancellation of financial offices from an e-mail from the Ministry of Finance. “It’s a slap in the face to the representatives of local governments. Never in the past have they experienced such a way of communicating about such fundamental matters.” he said. According to him, after the … Read more

Honduras ended diplomatic relations with Taiwan and turned to China — ČT24 — Czech Television

The Honduran Foreign Ministry said on Twitter that Tegucigalpa recognizes only one China and that Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory. Taiwan’s relations with Honduras date back to the 1940s. “The Taiwanese people have proven to the world that they will never be intimidated by threats. Taiwan’s cooperation and ties with allies and … Read more