Such fuel prices can be seen at the wells this week

The week saw very active movements in the international oil market: the US released reserve oil reserves in order to reduce the price of its domestic fuels. The decision by Biden, on the other hand, was not serious and immediately immediate, with Brent oil prices hovering around $ 80 – readable on the portal’s Facebook … Read more

Index – Economy – András Tállai reveals to Péter Jakab how many forints the government has maximized the price of petrol

Before 2010, Orbán said that the government would benefit from high fuel prices and that the tax on petrol should be reduced, Péter Jakab wrote on Facebook. The president of Jobbik asked whether Viktor Orbán “agrees with himself and, if so, when he will reduce the excise tax and VAT on petrol”. The Prime Minister … Read more

Jakab Péter: The Prime Minister will roughly @ rja the question

“Orbán said before 2010 that the government would benefit from high fuel prices and that the tax on petrol should be reduced. Now that fuel prices are breaking records, I asked him in writing if he agreed with himself and, if so, when he would reduce excise duty and VAT on gasoline. Prime Minister will … Read more

Skyrocketing Fuel Prices: Why It’s Happening and What We Should Expect

A full tank of fuel costs more and more and the reasons are known: oil and gas prices have soared and it seems impossible to stop them. Let’s go to the basis of this phenomenon and try to understand if and when we will get out of it Fuel prices have been peaking for over … Read more

From Friday, fuels will become 9-9 forints more expensive

The price of diesel is close to the psychological limit of HUF 500. Gasoline and diesel prices also rose on Wednesday, and fuel prices will continue to rise on Friday. 95 liters of petrol and diesel will also be 9-9 forints more expensive gross – writes the The average price of 95 petrol will … Read more

This is how Pertamina Gasoline Price is after Jokowi Issues New Regulations About Fuel Prices

MOTOR Plus Online/Galih Illustration of Pertamina gas station. This is the price of Pertamina’s gasoline after Jokowi issued a new regulation on fuel prices MOTOR – President Jokowi issue new rules about fuel price, like this petrol price Pertamina latest. Important news for bikers, fuel price has been in the spotlight recently. This is … Read more

Gas guzzlers will be more expensive due to new Vehicle tax – who pays how much for it

The Federal government wants to motivate the Germans to buy more climate-friendly cars. The motor vehicle tax for big gas guzzlers will rise. Photo-series with 10 images Ironically, in the Corona-crisis, a tax increase should be decided – however, the call will feel most of the citizens barely worth it. The Problem: The Federal government … Read more