Istat: in 2050 there will be one young person for every three elderly people and deaths will double the number of births: “Phase of strong aging”

In less than thirty years the number of deaths will be double that of births. L’Italia continues to grow old: the latest Report of theState on the forecasts of the resident population and families. In the 2050, the percentage of people over 65 will rise by more than ten points, reaching 34.9% according to Istat. … Read more

BSU 2022 Phase 2 When will it be Disbursed? Ministry of Manpower Affirms BLT Salary Subsidy of Rp600,000 Liquid After This Stage

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Wage Subsidy Assistance or BSU 2022 level 2 will be liquidated in the near future. Disbursement news BSU 2022 level 2 was officially submitted by the Ministry of Manpower (Ministry of Manpower). Currently Ministry of Manpower has received 2,406,915 data on prospective recipients of wage subsidies or BSU level second from BPJS … Read more

South Africa power shortages on the rise, highest alert phase declared

EPA NOS News•Sunday, 09:20 In South Africa, problems with the power grid are increasing. The company Eskom, responsible for the national power grid, is further reducing production. The highest phase in the warning system has been announced, alarm phase 6. Residents have been asked to be economical and to use electrical appliances as little as … Read more

The Covid-19 pandemic is approaching its final phase, according to the WHO

First modification: 15/09/2022 – 03:07 After a downward trend in infections and deaths from Covid-19 globally in the last week, the director general of the WHO assured that “the end of the pandemic is in sight.” Even so, the entity continues to consider it “an emergency worldwide and in most countries,” for which it implemented … Read more

The HPG vertical axis tidal turbine enters its final phase of experimentation on the Seeneoh site in Gironde

If you live in the Gironde and more particularly in the city of Bordeaux, you may have already heard of Seeneoh, a test site for tidal turbines located in the Gironde estuary, in the heart of the city, on the Garonne then! This test center welcomes manufacturers oftidal turbine and allows them to test their … Read more

Indonesian Education Scholarship Phase 2 is Open, Check How to Register

Jakarta – Registration Scholarship Indonesian Education (BPI) phase 2 was opened. For those who want to continue their education to a higher level, it is better to prepare to apply for this scholarship. BPI is a scholarship program in collaboration between the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and … Read more

We think about the last phase of life, but we don’t talk about it much

Palliative Care Netherlands (PZNL) surveyed 1242 elderly Dutch people, 1165 patients and 1011 caregivers about their experiences with and perspective on proactive care and support in the last phase of life. These three surveys show that many people think about end-of-life care and support and also feel the need to discuss this with care providers. … Read more

all about this phase of sleep

Verified on 08/09/2022 by PasseportSanté REM sleep occurs after the slow wave sleep phase; it ends, thus, each cycle of sleep. It is characterized by significant electroencephalogram activity, similar to that of the waking state, associated, at the same time, with muscle atony which causes the sleeper to remain motionless during this paradoxical sleep. It … Read more

‘The war enters a critical phase’: Stoltenberg warns of winter and unrest in Europe

The war in Ukraine is “entering a critical phase”, but Europe is facing a hard winter with possible energy supply disruptions and even civil unrest, writes the column of the “Financial Times” newspaper NATO general secretary Jens Stoltenberg. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “Our unity and solidarity will be severely tested as families … Read more