GPC Joint Venture Group signs a joint venture agreement Developing Laem Chabang Port Phase 3 with an investment value of more than 30,871 million baht.

GPC International Terminal Company Limited (GPC) signed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract with the Port of Thailand. To develop and implement the Laem Chabang Port Development Project Phase 3 in Port F Port, Chonburi Province with investment value in the development of the port structure of 30,871 million baht | Image source: Energy News … Read more

Safe Orthopedics announces the sale of the 20,000th kit and the success of the Sycamore evaluation phase – 11/25/2021 at 6:06 pm

Safe Orthopedics announces the sale of the 20,000th kit and the success of the Sycamore evaluation phase ► 11,500 surgical procedures performed in France ► Success of the evaluation phase of the new treatment for vertebral compression fracture (VCF), Sycamore Éragny-sur-Oise, Fleurieux-sur-l’Arbresle, November 25, 2021 at 5:45 p.m. CET – Safe Orthopedics (FR0013467123 – ALSAF), … Read more

Happy News, Official, UPT P4OP DKI Jakarta Announces KJP Plus Phase 2 Liquid On November 29, 2021

ATTACK NEWS – Good news, official UPT P4OP DKI Jakarta announce KJP More stage 2 will be disbursed on November 29, 2021. That certainty, after UPT P4OP DKI Jakarta upload on official Instagram about disbursement KJP More stage 2. “Announcement to you recipients KJP More and KJMU Phase 2 in 2021,” he wrote as quoted … Read more

On Saturday, live, the Final Phase of ‘La Voz’ begins

Nerves, excitement, surprises and great performances. On Saturday, live, the Final Phase of ‘La Voz’ begins in which anything can happen. Alejandro Sanz, Malú, Pablo Alborán and Luis Fonsi already have their full teams in front of the Direct of ‘La Voz’. In the next program, their teams of four talents each will be cut … Read more

Germany will phase out coal by 2030

The case is being updated! The Social Democratic SDP, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party FDP have on Tuesday agreed to commit to a phasing out of coal by 2030 in a coalition agreement, reports the news agency Reuters. On Tuesday afternoon, it became clear that the three parties have agreed on the government … Read more

Cool, This KTP Owner Can Disburse IDR 1.2 Million MSME BLT in November with the New System of BPUM Eform BRI Phase 3

DIY NEWS – Owner KTP this can Melt BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million with system new BPUM Eform BRI. As known, BPUM or BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million 100 percent has been disbursed to micro-enterprises in 2021. The Coordinating Ministry for Cooperatives has distributed BPUM 2021 to 12.8 million micro-enterprises from July to November 2021. … Read more

Pandemic in Portugal in exponential phase, but perception of risk can lead to ‘inflection point’

The mathematician Carlos Antunes considers that the pandemic in Portugal is still in a phase of exponential expansion, but, with the warnings published in the media, the population tends to be more cautious, which could lead to an inflection point. .

India refused to phase out coal. School children in New Delhi are now being kept at home due to air pollution.

In the last hours of the climate summit, India fought an intense battle for coal. Four days later, New Delhi shut down due to polluted air. The smog in New Delhi makes it difficult to both see and breathe. Schools are now closed indefinitely. Photo: Altaf Qadri, AP/NTB 19. nov. 2021 09:08 Last updated today … Read more

Neoimmunetech Keytruda combination colorectal cancer phase 2a interim result ORR 18

Enter 2021.11.15 08:17 Edited 2021.11.15 08:17 Neo Immune Tech (Reg.S) announced on the 15th that it had improved the efficacy compared to Keytruda alone through the combined clinical trial of the company’s ‘NT-I7’ and MSD’s immune checkpoint inhibitor Keytruda. Neo-Immunetech, at the American Society for Immuno-oncology (SITC), conducted two interim results of phase 2a clinical … Read more

The film about Baník goes to the cinema! “The first phase of filming? Shock, “coach Smetana admitted

What was it like for you to be accompanied by a film crew during the first first league coaching steps? I won’t lie, in the first phase it was a bit of a shock for me. For the first time, it was in that match in Příbram, where I had the premiere in the form … Read more