Covid cases, deaths, vaccines: the comparison between Italy and other European countries. THE DATA

The vaccination campaign continues, with differences between the various states. Spain surpasses our country both for the percentage of people who have completed their cycle and for the first doses. But Italy, in both rankings, does better than France, UK and Germany. Romania and Bulgaria have the lowest percentages of vaccinated: they are under 35% … Read more

NBA, the results of the night: nine wins in a row for Phoenix, Lakers knocked out against the Bulls

The Suns do not stop their race and conquer the ninth consecutive success also beating Minnesota, Chicago exceeds the Lakers at home thanks to a super DeMar DeRozan from 38 points. Washington makes five in a row and confirms his best start of the last 25 years, Atlanta wins against Orlando (10 points for Danilo … Read more

Covid and Green pass, how reliable are rapid tampons? Here is the opinion of the experts

5/10 © IPA / Photogram Concerns also expressed by Donato Greco, epidemiologist and member of the technical-scientific committee, in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “Among the swabs, the molecular ones are not comparable, much more reliable because they examine a fragment of the nucleic acid, and the antigenic ones that detect a part of … Read more

Covid, not just green pass: measures for the unvaccinated around the world

12/15 © Ansa Joe Biden, president of the United States, announced that, starting January 4, 2022, all employees of hospitals and health facilities receiving federal funds will need to be vaccinated. The mayors of New York and Chicago, as in other U.S. cities, have threatened to suspend unvaccinated civil servants, including policemen, from service .

NBA, results of the night: Curry record with Atlanta, Lakers ok, Nets, Sixers and Heat knocked out

15/16 Solid match of Luka Doncic, even if the Slovenian had less bombastic statistics than other nights. For him 25 points with 10/21 shooting (2/5 from three and 3/5 free), with 5 rebounds and 5 assists (but also 5 turnovers) in 33 minutes of play. Porzingis closed with 12 points and 8 rebounds, 12 also … Read more

Covid, the countries where restrictions return: from Holland to China

7/10 © Ansa RUSSIA/2 – On 20 October, Russian President Vladimir Putin, due to the epidemiological situation, declared “non-working days” those from 30 October to 7 November but with the maintenance of pay. The “non-working days”, as well as in the city of Moscow, began in the regions of Moscow, Kaliningrad, Rostov, Smolensk and in … Read more

Covid, worries about increased cases in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Alto Adige. ‘Risk of restrictions’

9/10 © Ansa OTHER REGIONS (incidence) – Among the other regions that recorded an incidence higher than the average of the country in the week 25-31 October, Campania (66.24), Veneto (65.28), Lazio (62.01), Tuscany (57, 58) and Emilia Romagna (56.94). However, all are far from the thresholds set for hospital wards and for intensive care … Read more

Registry revolution: the Spid will be enough to download the free certificates

7/10 © Ansa I 14 downloadable certificates, Specifically, they are: birth, marriage, citizenship, existence in life, residence, AIRE residence, family status and marital status, residence in cohabitation, AIRE family status, family status with kinship relationships, free status, marriage registry civil and cohabitation contract .

NBA, the results of the night: the Bucks lose to the Jazz, Lakers and Nets win

2/10 For the Bucks it is the third loss in a row at home in five days. One figure tells the story well moment of fogging that Milwaukee is experiencing, unable to find at full speed and offensive fluidity: 36/131 from long distance in the three challenges, with 27.5% overall of the team. Without Middleton, … Read more

Cruises, after the expected collapse of the passenger boom in 2022. The ranking of ports

6/10 © IPA / Photogram In Italy, however, i first 10 ports in the standings are Civitavecchia, Genoa, Palermo, Bari, Naples, Savona, Trieste, Monfalcone, La Spezia and Taranto: there are news like Monfalcone and ports that have dropped a lot like Venice. Liguria is the first for passengers, Sicily instead for moorings .