Cc Piacenza, the man who denounced: “They tortured me, now I fear they will kill me”

“I don’t live anymore. I drink and I don’t sleep at night. Did I do well?” Says the 26-year-old al Corriere della Sera. In the newspaper, the young man also tells how he met Giuseppe Montella, the 37 year old head of the carabinieri gang of the Piacenza barracks who ended up in prison: “I … Read more

Carabinieri Piacenza, Montella replies to the investigating judge: “It is very tried”

«He has answered all the questions that have been asked, now the defensive activity begins. There is the will to explain »: the lawyer Emanuele Solari sums up what happened before the magistrate Milani during three hours of interrogation of who appears as the main protagonist of the very serious crimes (torture, illegal arrest, trafficking … Read more

Carabinieri Piacenza, the prosecutor: «Check the standard of living of the military»

A system of impunity emerges to re-read the latest investigations.«It is not a system, whoever says it wants to damage the institution. But anyone who talks about bad apples makes a serious mistake ». Come?«We have to start from education and ethics. The founding principles are loyalty, honesty and trust. Just think that cowardice is … Read more

The weapon clears the top of Piacenza. The defense of the carabinieri in tears

AGI – They are technically called ‘transfers’, but in fact they represent the point in large letters that the Arma wants to put on the dark history of the Levante barracks to regain its pride. The General Commander has ordered the transfer of the local leaders, so starting today the provincial commander Stefano Savo, that … Read more

Carabinieri arrested in Piacenza, Montella’s mother: “They talk about Gomorrah because we are Neapolitans. He and his colleagues? Good guys”

Ore 19 – subscribe to the newsletter and receive the latest updates in your inbox. “My son is a good boy. Also Salvatore, Giacomo, Daniele, the others carabinieri who were at home here, they are all good guys … “. In an interview with The print outside the cottage of Gragnano Trebbiense, near Piacenza, the … Read more

Carabinieri Piacenza, tears after arrest: “We did not imagine getting to this point”

PIACENZA – “Come with us”. “Where is it?”. “In jail”. “But how in jail?”. The carabinieri della Levante cried when the financiers of Piacenza threw them out of bed at dawn on Wednesday, holding the order for precautionary custody signed by the investigating judge Luca Milani, to bring them to prison in Cremona. They cried … Read more

Carabinieri Piacenza, the young soldier on the phone: “They only think of making many arrests

Not all the carabinieri of the “Levante” barracks in Piacenza they were “bad apples”. There was also a young military man – as emerges from the order for pre-trial detention signed by the investigating judge Luca Milani – who never participated in the wrongdoing of colleagues. RB is described by two of the arrested carabinieri … Read more