Actor 40 to 60 years to practice the role of Señor Tepán play “Pic Nic” * Madrid * * Unpaid * * No experience required * in Madrid –

Wanted actor for the role of Señor Tepán from the play «Pic Nic». We are undergraduate students at the FP de Humanes campus in Madrid and we have to do a play as an end-of-course project. We need an actor between 40 and 60 years old for this role. You do not need experience, you … Read more

Iota would become a tropical storm in the next 48 hours

According to the latest bulletin from the National Hurricane Center, Iota will tend to lose intensity and possibly become a tropical storm during the next 48 hours as it moves into Central America. The center of the cyclone was positioned at latitude 13.6 ° N and longitude 82.7 ° W, with maximum sustained winds of … Read more

Colombian television mourns the death of Roberto Reyes Toledo

The sad news was announced through her Twitter account by the manager of the TRO Channel, Amanda Jaimes, who with a heartfelt message confirmed the news of the departure of Roberto Reyes Toledo, a renowned Colombian actor, scriptwriter and television director. “With deep sadness we bid farewell to Roberto Reyes Toledo, Bumangués actor, producer and … Read more

This is the head of the Colombian National Team to face Venezuela

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“He who makes them imagines them”: this is how Duque responded to Santos

Following the statements of former President Juan Manuel Santos, who in recent days said he had received comments from Washington linking Duque government officials to Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, the national president responded in an interview with the German media DW Español that “he who does them, imagines them.” President Duque further alleged: “nor was … Read more

With this old trill, Uribe relives a phrase he said to Santos in Cartagena

The former president and former senator Alvaro Uribe he recalled, with a video posted on his account Twitter, the first signing of the peace agreement with the Farc that took place in Cartagena, on September 26, 2016. In the recording, of a demonstration in which his followers They were looking for a place to hold … Read more

Goodbye to Gabo’s great companion

Mercedes Barcha, widow of Gabriel García Márquez, died last Saturday, August 15 at 2:30 pm, according to sources close to the family. The ‘daughter of the Sucre apothecary’, as her husband describes her in his memoirs, was 87 years old and lived in Mexico City. Barcha was born in Magangué on November 6, 1932. She … Read more

Chespirito off the air: And now, who can defend the fans?

Millions of viewers around the world woke up over the weekend without seeing for the first time, after 49 years, a chapter of El Chavo del 8, El Chapulín Colorado, the Chifladitos and other characters devised by the late Mexican actor and director Roberto Gómez Bolaños. “This is the number one program on humorous television,” … Read more

Colombia seeks access to coronavirus vaccine

President Iván Duque stated that Colombia has been working to become part of the group of countries that may participate in the vaccine universalization process against covid-19, when this medicine becomes a reality. He indicated that, together with the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Pan American Health Organization PAHO), “We wanted to contribute to … Read more