The ‘Ford Ranger Raptor’ sports pickup has arrived in Latvia

Next Generation and Next Level”Ford The Ranger Raptor pickup truck is here. Developed by Ford Performance, the pickup truck is the all-new high-performance version of the Ford Ranger. With smarter technology controlling the rugged next-generation powertrain, it’s also the most advanced Ranger ever. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The Ford Ranger Raptor is … Read more

Mini pickup with great potential: Ukrainians release electric car in the middle of the war

The war in Ukraine rages on. But that doesn’t deter an entrepreneur from Kyiv from his goal of bringing an electrically powered vehicle onto the market. In the face of constant power outages, the new E-Luaz can come in very handy. A Ukrainian company wants to bring an electric car onto the market – and … Read more

“Please don’t come again.” The big pitcher who refused to join the team dropped out of the 2nd place nomination.

Tatsuo Komatsu, No. 1 Seiryo High Pro, was nominated by Chunichi in the 1977 draft… At the professional baseball draft meeting on November 22, 1977, pitcher Tatsuo Komatsu of Ishikawa Seiryo High School was nominated second by Chunichi, but he was indignant. He didn’t like that he wasn’t number one. That night, he refused to … Read more

After hearing the trade, “The next moment, the call to cancel the house” My wife revealed “Is it finally here?” | Full-Count

Chunichi Sunada’s wife, Aoi, also said about the team’s predictions, “The more I think about it, the more I don’t understand.” Transfers are inevitable for professional baseball players. A world where the next day you might be playing in a different uniform. However, how would the closest family members feel when they were actually told … Read more

Audi presents the activesphere concept, an elegant SUV coupe that can be transformed into a pick-up

Audi’s futuristic concept combines the body of an SUV coupe with the practicality of a pick-up truck. The four-seater cabin then shows interesting visions of the future. After several previews, Audi today unveiled another concept in its “sphere” series, which follows on from the two-door GT Skysphere, Grandsphere flagship sedan and Urbansphere minivan concepts. The … Read more

a pickup to go higher

The leadership who holds the Toyota Hilux It is indisputable: it has been the best-selling pickup in the country for 18 consecutive years. Saying that in a market where the participation of trucks is high and historical and that has an industry focused on the production of this type of vehicle further enlarges that reign. … Read more

Former Hanshin guardian deity is a “failure to see players” Awakening that could not be expected … “Loss” recognized by the formation of hawks | Full-Count

Why I didn’t endorse Roberto Suarez Pitcher Roberto Suarez reigned as Hanshin’s absolute guardian in the 2020 and 2021 seasons. He was with Softbank from 2016-2019, but his reputation was never high. Manabu Fujita, a former Nankai pitcher who has been in charge of programming for Softbank for a long time, also gave a stern … Read more

Test drive: The mighty VW pick-up Amarok drives so comfortably

Pick-ups are still a niche product in Europe. But lifestyle models like the new VW Amarok are enjoying growing popularity. VW published20 January 2023, 04:57 First test drive: The mighty VW pick-up drives so comfortably The huge Amarok is not only very off-road, but is particularly impressive on the road. A giant wolf that kills … Read more

Taro VS Matsugase VS Uchikawa VS Uotani The battle between the lower teams! An important match to predict the semi-final advance![M League 2022-23 1/17 RS58 Day 1 Match Members]– Mahjong Watch

Today, January 17th (Tuesday) from 19:00, the 58th day of the regular season of “Daiwa Securities M League 2022-23” will be held. Players for the first game have been announced. [Participating teams]Akasaka DrivensEX FurinkazanKADOKAWA Sakura Knightssega sammy phoenix Match card on January 17 ©ABEMA Players for the first game have been announced. ▼M League Official … Read more