Residents of Pidie are busy selling gold, allegedly for school fees, this is the price as of 25 February 2023

Report of Muhammad Nazar I Pidie SERAMBINEWS.COM, SIGLI – Even though the price of gold in Pidie on Saturday (25/2/2023) was reported to have fallen, residents were busy selling gold jewelry. The high level of people selling gold has occurred since this past week. This is allegedly due to the high demand of the community … Read more

Pidie PPS Tests in Six Schools, These are PPS and PPK Salary Amounts

Report of Muhammad Nazar I Pidie SERAMBINEWS.COM, SIGLI – KIP Pidie will hold tests on candidates for the Voting Committee or PPS in six schools. The test will be carried out from Monday (9/1/2023) to Saturday (14/1/2023). “The location for the PPS participant test was held at SMKN 1 Sigli, SMKN 2 Sigli, SMKN 3 … Read more

Get to know Fahdlullah, the former Pidie GAM Operations Commander who is now the chairman of the Aceh Gerindra Party

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Chairman of the Party Gerindra Prabowo Subianto is reported to have reshuffled the management of the DPD Party Gerindra Aceh. Fahdlullah SE, Member of the Indonesian Parliament from the Party Gerindra constituency Aceh 1 was appointed as the Chairman of the DPD Gerindra Aceh the new one. Fadlullah replaced the position TA Khalid … Read more

Outbreak of Polio, Mass Immunization Coverage in Pidie Baru Reaches 64.3 Percent

KOMPAS/ZULKARNAINI Health workers administered polio immunization to an elementary school child during the national immunization subweek in Pidie District, Aceh Province, Monday (28/11/2022). Mass immunization was carried out after the discovery of four positive cases of polio in the district. JAKARTA, KOMPAS — Mass immunization coverage in Pidie District, Aceh, in response to the extraordinary … Read more

Polio Immunization Reaches More than 4,000 Children in Pidie

Writer : KompasTV Aceh BANDA ACEH, KOMPAS.TV – To achieve the target of 100 percent of the mass polio immunization program for children in Pidie District, officials carried out immunizations door to door to residents’ homes. Mass polio immunization for children in Pidie District targets all children from zero to 13 years of age for … Read more

After a Polio Case was Found, 1,000 Children in Pidie were Immunized – As many as 1,000 children began receiving polio immunization in Pidie District, Aceh, after the finding that the polio virus was infecting children in the area some time ago. The administration of mass polio immunization was centered on the Sigli City Square field. Attended by the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control … Read more

District Government Closes Two Animal Markets in Pidie

The temporary closure of the animal market is part of the FMD prevention measure. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDA ACEH — The Agriculture and Food Service (Distanpang) of Pidie Regency, Aceh, has temporarily closed two animal markets to prevent and prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in cattle in the local district. The Head of … Read more

Sadistic Murder of Rujak Seller in Pidie Revealed, Perpetrator Arrested While Escape, Motive is Hurt

officers managed to identify the identity of the perpetrator and immediately conducted a raid on his home in Kembang Tanjong, Pidie. Report of Muhammad Nazar I Pidie SERAMBINEWS.COM, SIGLI- Joint Team Pidie Police has arrested MD (40) who is strongly suspected of having killed Saidi Nur Bin Abdul Latif who works as a salad seller. … Read more

Rare Cooking Oil in Pidie, Police Asked to Raid Migor’s Warehouse

Report of Muhammad Nazar I Pidie SERAMBINEWS.COM, SIGLI – Member of DPRK Pidie ask the police to raid a warehouse suspected of hoarding cooking oil (migration). Because, for almost a week, there is a shortage of migraines in Indonesia Pidieespecially cooking oil bulk. Price cooking oil bulk sold ranges from Rp 18 thousand to 22 … Read more

3 Executors of TNI Members in Pidie Targeted in Layered Articles, Weapons Used, Relics of the Aceh Conflict

Report of Muhammad Nazar I Pidie SERAMBINEWS.COM, SIGLI – The Pidie Police took aim at the three executors who shot the Team Commander (Dantim), the Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS) TNI Pidie, Captain ABD Majid, with multiple articles. Articles targeted by the police against the three perpetrators are Article 340 of Juncto’s murder Article 338 of … Read more