Cryptominers and GPU resellers can’t sell their thousands of graphics cards because nobody wants them and they keep piling up collecting dust

The crash of the cryptocurrency market has had a significant impact on the companies and users involved in it. Currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum have suffered a decrease in value in recent months, and despite the fact that their price has risen somewhat, they no longer enjoy the popularity of yesteryear. Let’s remember that … Read more

6 Nations 2023 – “Welsh problems are piling up like garbage in Paris”… The top declas of the weekend!

6 NATIONS 2023 – An incendiary press towards Wales, Thomas Ramos’ new record, France’s second place in the Tournament, the lingering suspense over Bernard Le Roux and the Portuguese selection which had a historic year… Here is the top declas of the weekend! The 6 Nations Tournament ended yesterday with the last three matches of … Read more

Bills are piling up in Glenn and Lyanne’s mailbox, but the two Belgians shouldn’t pay them…

When Glenn and his wife moved into rue Opper in Nieuwerkerken in Limburg five years ago, their house had not one number but two. “The house was at number 197, the driveway was at number 199,” Glenn told our colleagues at HBVL. of videos The municipality then asked the couple to register at number 197, … Read more

A Netizen Shares Effective Tips to Avoid Piling Up Illegal Loans – All Pages

tips to avoid illegal loan snares – Illegal loans are indeed very disturbing to the community. So far, OJK has blocked as many as 4,000 illegal loan applications. They continuously eradicate loan applications that appear. OJK admits that it is difficult for them to eliminate illegal loans. Apart from that, illegal loans themselves keep … Read more

Merak Harbor Closed Due to Extreme Weather, Vehicle Piling Occurs at All Piers

CILEGON, – PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Merak Branch decided to temporarily stop the Merak – Bakauheni crossing service due to extreme weather in the Sunda Strait. The closure was made after a request from the Region VIII Banten Province Land Transportation Management Center (BPTD) as the authority since 16.00 WIB. “Based on weather … Read more

Departure Piling at Soetta Airport Scorches Passenger Tickets on the Nataru Holiday, Managers Speak Up

Saturday 24-12-2022,19:08 WIB Reporter: Yopi PA Karo Karo| Editor: Reza Permana As a result of the buildup of departures at Soetta Airport, the tickets of passengers who were going to leave for Nataru holidays were forfeited.-yopi- JAKARTA, DISWAY.ID – As a result of the accumulation of departures in Soekarno-Hatta Airport burn the tickets of passengers … Read more