Emmy rushes to help in the middle of the night “Kan Wiphakorn” takes overdose of sleeping pills, hoping for a long sleep

“Emmy is not a family member. But no matter where Emmy is in the world Emmy always went to see Kan and sent to the hospital in time. To speak as Emmy being both a mother and still living as a child. Feels like it’s not fair to the creator But all I can do … Read more

Buy activated charcoal pills or take your own activated carbon. Beware of side effects!! | Hfocus.org Insights into the health system

warn! Buy your own carbon watch out for side effects Carbon pills should be taken on an empty stomach. Should not be used in patients with intestinal obstruction. Asst. Prof. (Special) Dr. Siam Sirintornpanya, Head of Digestive Diseases Division Internal Medicine Rajavithi Hospital told Hfocus that charcoal or carbon pills Popular to eat to absorb … Read more

he had nearly 80,000 ecstasy pills in his car!

A crazy chase on the E313 in Grobbendonk took place overnight from Thursday to Friday. The driver, an Algerian from France, tried to flee the police aboard a Renault Mégane with which he went up to nearly 190KH/h. He was stopped. The 35-year-old man failed to obey a stop sign. Spotted by the police, he … Read more

Potassium iodide tablets against radiation. When to take in in case of an emergency? Can you overdose? Who should take them?

We talk to prof. Marek Bolanowski, specialist in internal medicine and endocrinology, voivodship consultant for endocrinology. Maciej Rajfur: There is more and more talk about the massive intake of potassium iodide tablets in the event of any accident of a nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Should we be afraid of something? Prof. Marek Bolanowski: Not … Read more

A jar of multivitamins for 90 euros. Does it make sense to take vitamin pills?

It is quite difficult to get your daily amount of fruit and vegetables. The Nutrition Center prescribes two pieces of fruit (200 grams in total) and 250 grams of vegetables, but eating enough fruit and vegetables sometimes falls short. Does it make sense to take multi-vitamins? Nutrients First, it is equally important to consider the … Read more

Combined oral contraceptive pills do not seem to exacerbate symptoms related to macromastia.

Combined oral contraceptives (COCs) containing both estrogen and progestins do not contribute to the development of breast enlargement (macromastia) and do not increase the risk of breast regrowth in adolescents and young women who have undergone breast cancer. breast reduction surgery. Plastic and reconstructive surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic … Read more

Is it true that taking birth control pills makes you fat?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Family planning pills be a tool contraception which is considered the most practical. But unfortunately, there are still myths about this contraceptive that are spread in the community. One of the most popular is the notion of birth control pills that are considered to make women fat. At the moment of … Read more

Are Birth Control Pills Good for Skin and Not Fatty? See the Hormone Content

Jakarta – One way to control birth is the birth control pill. However, the use of birth control devices is not without side effects, Mother. Despite the variety, some mothers feel reluctant to use birth control pills because they feel there are changes in their skin and weight. Then, are there any birth control pills … Read more

Threat of nuclear war: from bunkers to iodine pills, what to do and where to take refuge

The new threat of Vladimir Putin awakened the fears of one nuclear war. In his last speech to the nation the Russian president not only announced a partial military mobilization with the recall of all reserves, but renewed the possibility for Mosca to resort to the use of nuclear weapons. While the head of the … Read more