Sachin Pilot ‘Cheat’; Tried to topple own government: Ashok Gehlot – Sachin Pilot Ashok Gehlot Rajasthan Congress | Manorama Online

Pali (Rajasthan)∙ Gehlot called Sachin Pilot, a youth leader of Rajasthan Congress and challenger for Ashok Gehlot’s chief ministership, as a ‘cheat’. In an interview given to the national media, Gehlot called the pilot a cheater six times. “A cheater can never be made Chief Minister. The High Command can never make Sachin Pilot the … Read more

Former fighter pilot criticized the operation of the TAF on the PKK channel

Former fighter pilot Bahadır Altan, who criticized the operation of the TAF in the PKK’s media, made statements targeting Turkey with expressions such as ‘dirty war’ and ‘invading mentality’. The Turkish Armed Forces did not leave the blood of our citizens who were martyred in Taksim. With the orders and instructions of President Erdogan, he … Read more

Route du Rhum: after the tragedy, the pilot of the star indicted – Route du Rhum

Prosecutor Patrick Desjardins first recalled the facts that took place when the first competitor in the Route du Rhum arrived on Wednesday, November 16, at 4:30 a.m. “The shipwreck resulted from a sudden ingress of water into the cockpit by the boat being pushed forward, which no longer allowed the pilot to control the boat, … Read more

At the Saint-Luc University Clinics, a pilot center to preserve male fertility in the event of cancer

3 avenues are being explored for using these preserved cells, in particular the one that could be applied in humans in the coming years. It consists of retransplanter the patient the small piece that has been frozen. It is therefore a question ofan autograft, which ultimately will allow the production of spermatozoa. The small grafted … Read more

Mad Catz Pilot 5 (PILOT 5) Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset Experience: Dana and DPG Defy My Mind

Using the Mad Catz Pilot 5 Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset The brand I will introduce this time is MadCatz, which is steadily gaining popularity from gamers. Mad Catz is a brand that is leading the innovation of gaming hardware by introducing gaming gear with solid basics and intense design, with performance and functions optimized for … Read more

Coordination Meeting for Explanation of the Duties of the Technical Team for Implementation of the Dengue Control Pilot Project with the Wolbachia Method

Friday (18/11) Semarang City Communication and Informatics Office attended the Coordination Meeting for Explanation of the Tasks of the Technical Team for Implementation of the Dengue Control Pilot Project using the Wolbachia Method. Head of the Health Service Mr. Dr. dr. Mochamad Abdul Hakam, Sp.PD explained that Semarang City will be the first Dengue Control … Read more

Fear that a pilot shortage will lead to a danger to safety in Sweden

Last spring, around 30 fighter pilots asked for leave from September this year. Two have returned to the air force, but at the same time a further 20 pilots have requested study leave from the Swedish armed forces, reports Sweden’s Radio Ekot. The background is dissatisfaction with pay, working conditions and a new pension agreement. … Read more

The US pilot taunted Russia. He left such a mark on the Kremlin military base – o2

The US pilot drew a peculiar shape near the port city of Tartus, where the Kremlin naval base is located. For this, he used the KC-135 Stratotanker refueling aircraft. The pilot humiliates Russia The shape was spotted accidentally on the flight map. It quickly became very popular on the web. It is not known whether … Read more