Plzeň has apparently found a replacement for Beauguel! On the other hand, two players are leaving her squad

Plzeň has made no secret of the fact that, due to the demanding schedule that awaits it at least at the beginning of the season (on July 19, it will enter the preliminary rounds of the Champions League), it wants to add one more striker to the pair of Chorý-Kliment and the young Truso. “If … Read more

Czech top teams are trumped in attack. How will Kuchta, Jurečka and Kliment fit in?

Sparta and Pilsen have to deal with the departure of the league’s most productive players in the summer, while Slavia struggled in the spring with the fact that they did not have a clear and reliable attacking team. All three clubs reacted early, offensive aces already brought. “However, the name of the striker is not … Read more

Pilsen blew Baník a significant boost. He is a very interesting player, Šádek knows

The reigning Czech champion continues to strengthen his staff. The team of coach Michal Bílek will expand for the new year by a 24-year-old midfielder, whom Baník from Ostrava wanted to acquire. Did he decide the offered salary? Viktoria Plzeň announces another reinforcement for the qualification for the Champions League. Coach Michal Bílek recently welcomed … Read more

With a hat-trick, Pilař helped Pilsen to a high win, and Zbrojovka Brno was also full

Pilsen entered without three representatives of the number one goalkeeper Staňek, defender Havel and midfielder Kalvach, who are free after the recent League of Nations. Coach Viktorie Bílek turned the team over and set up a different eleven in each of the halves. In the opening act, he scored only after Buch’s direct kick, but … Read more

Master Pilsen still doesn’t have enough! Another reinforcement is coming

Cadu joined the East Bohemian team in 2020 and helped him advance to the first league. He has played 60 matches in the highest competition so far and scored 11 goals. Last season, with 10 assists, he was the second best recorder in the first league. “He is a very interesting player who was also … Read more

Tvrdík reassures Slavia’s fans: There are other reinforcements. Why did he let Tijani go to Pilsen?

source: SK Slavia Prague While the Sparta camp is still satisfied with the summer changes in the squad, Slavia’s fans are nervous. Foreign reinforcements have not yet arrived, and Ewerton from Mladá Boleslav has not yet been officially introduced. Jaroslav Tvrdík, the head of the Board of Directors of Red and White, commented on the … Read more

Pilsen started training without Šulka and Hlavatý, Holík should stay

Pilsen started summer training without midfielders Pavel Šulc and Michal Hlavatý, who started training in Jablonec and Pardubice, respectively. After six months of guest appearances from Jablonec, extreme defender Libor Holík also took part in the training of Victoria. The reigning champions of all three players deal with the form of further engagement. “Pavel (Šulc) … Read more

Czech teams know rivals in European cups. Who are the rivals of Sparta, Slavia or Pilsen?

Ondřej Kúdela The Czech defender was injured most of the season. He is now in the regular eleven. It is a question whether Jindřich Trpišovský is counting on him for the next season as well. The contract for the 35-year-old ends in the summer. Source: SK Slavia Prague Ondřej Pachlopník The offspring of Brno’s Zbrojovka … Read more

Los Conferences League 2022/2023: Sparta on the Vikings, Slavia is waiting for the opponent

Although Slavia does not know what opponent she will play with, she is sure that the double will start on the opponent’s field. Sparta, on the other hand, will start the game at home and the preliminary round will be the first sharp test for the new implementation team, led by Danish coach Brian Prisk. … Read more

Turnover in the Vlkanov case? Slavia is no longer interested, but the master from Pilsen asks him about it

Source: SK Slavia Prague Jan Bořil is preparing for the new season with Slavia after almost a year of injury, but even though he is the team captain, the fans do not deal with his return much. Why? Jindřich Trpišovský has three high-quality and, above all, more promising players for his post. The long-standing support … Read more