Don’t Run Away and Dizzy, Do This DC Pinjol No Longer Comes When Galbay Try The Solution

DIY NEWS – Here’s the information, don’t run away and don’t need to bother, do this. Debt collectors for online loans or loans are one of the people to fear, especially when doing galbay. Galbay or default on the loan itself has a high risk, especially when borrowing money from an unlicensed loan. You will … Read more

This Pinjol Does Not Have a Field DC for Debt Terror to OJK-Permitted Houses, Can Galbay Be Possible?

DIY NEWS– Look here for online loans or loans that don’t have a field DC to terrorize debts to houses that are licensed by the OJK, also check whether they can fail to pay or fail? Online loans or pinjol are currently very widely used by the public because it is enough to download the … Read more

Waswas 24 Pinjol Has 5% Bad Credit, Here’s the Complete Data

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Financial Services Authority has opened its voice about the high default rates (TWP) of several loan companies. In fact, OJK is ready to sanction 25 companies whose bad credit levels exceed 5%. OJK wants all companies to be able to lower their platform’s TWP rate. “OJK will immediately provide a … Read more

Illegal loan loans are increasingly rife in the month of Ramadan, see the latest list released by the OJK

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The existence of online loans (Pinjol) is illegal. This can be seen from the trend that the number continues to increase every month, it is also possible that it will also occur when entering the month of Ramadan 2023. As of last February, the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) of the Financial … Read more

Already Galbay Pinjol, Here Are 3 Tips to Prevent Debt Collectors from Coming to Your Home – Loan debt collectors are often a frightening specter for debtors. The reason is, most reports from loan debt collectors often bill harshly. In addition, often debt collectors also use violence when collecting. This can also be seen from some of the news that is often circulated. Even though the OJK has issued special … Read more

No need to change numbers until you move, OJK provides a solution for Galbay Pinjol to a clean name if you use this method – Is there a pinjol galbay solution? Of course there is! Even our names can also be clean even though they have been galbay pinjol. But, keep in mind that the solution provided is for galbay loans registered with the OJK, aka legal loans. As is known, bad debtors who do not pay or … Read more

Ouch! 25 Pinjol Bad Credit Rate Exceeds All Banks in RI

Mentari PuspadiniCNBC Indonesia Market Wednesday, 01/03/2023 07:11 WIB Photo: Ogi Prastomiyono (CNBC Indonesia/Muhammad Sabki) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The number of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending companies, aka online loans (pinjol), whose non-performing loans (NPL) exceed the tolerance limit is increasing. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) noted that 25 loans had bad credit or a default rate … Read more

The Pinjol Office in Manado Was Raided for Terror Spreading Customer Data, “Debt Collectors” and Bosses Became Suspects Page all

JAKARTA, – Polda Metro Jaya together with the Cyber ​​Sub-Directorate of the North Sulawesi Regional Police raided the loan office online (financial loan) illegally in Manado City, North Sulawesi, Tuesday (29/11/2022). Polda Metro Jaya Special Criminal Investigation Director Kombes Auliansyah Lubis said the illegal loan office was operating under the guise of being a … Read more

IPB Student Bad Loans with Borrowing, OJK Hopes It Can Be Restructured: To Return to College

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chairman of the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Tongam L. Tobing stated that his party continues to communicate with online lenders or tall in the case of bad credit hundreds of students IPB University. The loans per student range from millions to tens of millions of … Read more