Chaika’s failure. PiS has launched an online wastewater meter. Rafał Trzaskowski replies

I will not enter into a political struggle at the level of sewage, I will not give the rulers this satisfaction – wrote the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski on Sunday in social media. “They dream about bringing me down to this level and finishing me off with experience,” he added. In this way, he … Read more

Czarnek on nepotism in PiS

Last week, Onet announced that Kamil Andruszkiewicz was appointed the president of the one-man board of the state-owned Foundation for the Industrial Development Agency. The wife of the deputy head of the ministry of digitization, Adam Andruszkiewicz, will replace Agnieszka Wasilewska in the chairman’s chair. Soon after, the media reported that Łukasz Zbonikowski became the … Read more

Pose³ explains the act on increases. “Everyone cared about them. It was an arrangement between PiS and the opposition” | Policy

On Friday Sejm adopted a bill on increasing wages for local government officials, parliamentarians and people holding managerial positions in the state, as well as providing for the introduction of a salary for the first lady. Changes in the law were voted by a large majority. Only 33 deputies were against. Read more: Sejm for … Read more

Onet: Sasin had to explain to the PiS deputies from Silesia. There was a brawl | Policy

On Tuesday, the Ministry of State Assets planned to present to mining unions a restructuring plan for Polska Grupa Górnicza. We know from the MAP release that it assumes, inter alia, liquidation of two mines – Ruda and Wujek. Unofficial media reports also say that mining is being cut and wages are cut. Watch the … Read more

Debates of the PiS leadership on changes in the government

In the afternoon, the presidium of the PiS Political Committee met at the PiS headquarters on Nowogrodzka Street. It was attended by the most important politicians of the party, incl. president Jarosław Kaczyński, prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, deputy prime ministers Piotr Gliński and Jacek Sasin, head of the PiS club Ryszard Terlecki, deputy presidents of … Read more