Peruvian team | Claudio Pizarro: “It will be complicated, but I hope they will qualify”

His extensive career in Europe and the number of titles won, make the former captain of the Peruvian team, Claudio Pizarro, always be consulted by the present football player of the blanquirroja or Germany. In an interview conducted by the Bundesliga, the now Bayern Munich ambassador spoke about the present of the Peruvian team that … Read more

They investigate shooting at the office of Mayor Claudia Pizarro

Staff from the OS9 and the Carabineros Criminalistics Laboratory investigate the shooting against the office of the mayor of La Pintana, Claudia Pizarro. According to the first antecedents, the event would have occurred during the long weekend. Upon arriving this Tuesday, the mayor would have noticed the impacts, so she quickly notified the Carabineros. At … Read more

For the crime of Hernando Pizarro, a former CTI agent was convicted – Crimes – Justice

The former CTI agent of the Prosecutor’s Office Gustavo Sastoque was convicted of the homicide in Bogotá of the former guerrilla Hernando Pizarro León-Gómez, one of the crimes that the FARC announced it would recognize before the Special Peace Jurisdiction (JEP). ​ Pizarro was assassinated on February 26, 1995, in the Alta Mar neighborhood, north … Read more

Inter Miami vs Orlando. Goal and assist by Rodolfo Pizarro VIDEO

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 22.08.2020 20:28:51 Give it to 10, always to 10! Rodolfo Pizarro is the lord and master of Miami Inter. At the restart of the MLS regular season and at the stadium premiere of the new United States League team, the Mexican midfielder put the assistance for the first goal of … Read more

“They intend to deceive society”: Hernán Büchi, former minister of Pinochet, questioned the withdrawal of 10% of AFP funds

The Economist Hernán Büchi, former Minister of Finance in the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet and presidential candidate in 1989, He questioned the project to withdraw 10% of AFP funds, harshly criticized the opposition and made a strong defense of the current pension system. In an opinion column published by “El Mercurio”, the current director of … Read more

Claudio Pizarro | Zé Roberto includes the ‘Bomber of the Andes’ in his top 10 strikers

Recently, Claudio pizarro He mentioned him as the best left-handed player with whom he had to share a team. Days after the Peruvian’s retirement in Werder Bremen, the former Brazilian national team player Zé Roberto spoke exclusively with RPP News from Sao Paulo and returned the caress. Zé Roberto described Claudio Pizarro as an intelligent … Read more

GOL de Rodolfo Pizarro. MLS is Back, Inter Miami vs Philadelphia VIDEO

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 14.07.2020 22:32:59 He Joker He reappeared in MLS. Rodolfo Pizarro scored a goal with Inter Miami against Philadelphia Union in the second match of Group A of the Tournament MLS is Back that is taking place at the Disney facilities in Orlando. At 33 minutes, the mexican orchestrated a collective … Read more