Bankruptcy SAS orders fictitious battery plane – Document

In a press release SAS reports that they have placed an order for two electric ES-30 aircraft from Swedish Heart Aerospace, which they hope to put into operational use in 2028. At the same time, Heart Aerospace itself reports that they have included Air Canada and Saab as shareholders. The climate-focused management in Widerøe has … Read more

Woman protested for too big chest, asked to sit alone on plane

Jakarta – A model named Leia Parker who is said to have the biggest breasts in the UK has shared her recent unpleasant experience. He admitted to being treated badly by an airline. The passengers protested because of his body shape, he admitted that he was asked to sit alone on the plane. Leia Parker, … Read more

It has a bust size of 32T. She faced a “terrible situation” on the plane – o2

Leia Parker is a model, influencer and erotic dancer best known for having the “biggest breasts in the UK” of 32T. Although he has only seven thousand followers on Instagram, he is willing to share every story from his life publicly with internet users. The last one – from a trip from LA to London. … Read more

“A dangerous plane”, “It must return to the hangar”: the chilling voice messages of the pilot of Emiliano Sala before the crash

The BBC continues to follow developments in the Emiliano Sala case closely. The Nantes player, who had reached an agreement for a departure to Cardiff, died in 2019 during an air crash, the pilot having more than likely been poisoned with carbon monoxide. The device had finally disappeared at sea, with a fatal impact for … Read more

A private plane and a “room” for Suarez..disclosure of Messi’s requests to stay in Barcelona

Media reports revealed the conditions of Argentine Lionel Messi, the current Paris Saint-Germain player and the former Barcelona player, to renew his contract with the Spanish team in 2020, noting that he requested a special place for his family and Suarez’s family at the Camp Nou in addition to a private plane for him during … Read more

From the airport in Plané next year to Greece and Turkey

“We think that this airport should serve the people of South Bohemia so that they can fly to holiday destinations from there. That’s why we were pleased by the interest of the Čedok company, which would like to organize flights to some tourist destinations next year,” said the governor of the South Bohemian Region, Martin … Read more

Such a plane flew to Moscow. This can prove one thing – o2

The unusual visitor over Moscow was spotted on Monday afternoon. The Il-76 transport plane, belonging to the Pouya Air airlines, flew from Tehran around 6 p.m. Polish time. More drones from Iran? There are many indications that the machine could have delivered another batch of military equipment to Moscow. Russia previously bought Shahed 129 combat … Read more

Said Abdullah smoked on the plane, Kapolda Tajir and Wanaartha confiscated

Sunday, 18 September 2022 – 05:30 WIB VIVA – News related to the viral Said Abdullah smoking on an airplane became the most popular news on on Saturday, September 17, 2022. This time the news was excited in the midst of the controversy over the removal of the 450 VA power. In the news, … Read more

Exceptional situation in Ostend: emergency landing of an F-16 hit by lightning, the Club Brugge players’ plane diverted

This aircraft declared an emergency after this in-flight incident damaged its electrical system. It landed at Ostend airport, forcing two airliners, including the one carrying the Club Brugge football team after their winning match against Club Porto on Tuesday night, to head for Brussels-National said airport communications manager Tom Rutsaert. The F-16 has, according to … Read more

NASA Plane Will Hit Asteroid End of September

DART will hit an asteroid. Photo: Jakarta ( — The United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is poised to hit an asteroid at the end of this month. The agency will conduct a planetary defense test. Reporting from Space, NASA will open a new era of the solar system as a continuation of … Read more