Miss and wait another 13 years for Jupiter and Neptune to debut | Planetarium | Planets

[The Epoch Times, April 11, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Lin Zixin, Taipei, Taiwan) At 4:00 am on April 13 (Wednesday), “JupitercombineNeptune, when Jupiter and Neptune will be only 0.11 degrees apart, less than 1/5 the diameter of the full moon. Jupiter conjunct Neptune will only happen once every 12 to 13 years on average. … Read more

“Rangsit Planetarium” launches “Digital Star Projector”, the most modern and largest in ASEAN

Science Center for Education Rangsit debut “Digital Star Projector” The most modern and largest in ASEAN Connect data from world-class science centers in real time with the Data2Dome system, simulating space, the solar system. to the surface of the planet with realistic clarity, ready to watch “Stars and Space Technology Exhibition : Space Exhibition” Showcasing … Read more

Astrotourism, Astronomy Tourism Enjoying the Natural Atmosphere while Gazing at the Sky

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – the beauty of things-celestial objects at night brings up travel trends astrotourism. This tourist trend began when a tycoon from the United States named Dennis Anthony Tito traveled to the International Space Station orbiting as high as 400 kilometers above Earth, as quoted from scientific articles. Astro-Tourism as a High Potential Alternative … Read more

This year’s brightest comet Leonard missed another 80,000 years (Photos)

The newly discovered “Leonard’s Comet” at the beginning of this year has moved to a position observable by the naked eye. It has a brightness of 4th magnitude. It is the brightest comet this year, and it may take 80,000 years to see it again next time. (Schematic/Image source: Adobe Stock) End of the yearAstronomical … Read more

Closest to Earth in December! See “Mysterious Comet” for the first time in 70,000 years

(Flip from the Facebook page of Nanying Planetarium) Wang Jieqiu Comprehensive Report / Tainan City It is only possible to see it once in 70,000 years, and the brightest comet of the year is coming soon! Tainan Nanying Planetarium posted on Facebook yesterday (3) that the comet “C/2021 A1 (Leonard)” is approaching the earth. It … Read more

What is a Planetarium? Here’s the explanation!

Illustration of what is meant by a planetarium?. Source: Unsplash Some people may already be quite familiar with the term planetarium. But do you know what a Planetarium is? Quoted from the page oif.umsu.ac.id (accessed on 23/9/21), Planetarium is the name for the building theater which is used to simulate the arrangement of stars and … Read more