For those planning to buy a car: how to determine if it is polluting

Automobiles are the most common form of transportation in the world, and their impact on the environment has become perhaps the most pressing topic these days. However, not all cars are equally polluting, and it depends on their condition, newness and installed technologies. It is not easy to determine Car experts reveal to drivers who … Read more

In GTA Online, griefers can ban your accounts, now Rockstar Games is planning a security update

In GTA Online madness broke out. Exploits allow mod users to ban or damage other players’ accounts. Now Rockstar Games is announcing an update. What problems does GTA Online have? On January 20, experts drew attention to the fact that there are now major security problems in GTA Online Users of “Mod Menus” are able … Read more

The Czech presidential candidate is already planning a trip to Poland. Gen. Pavel: Babisz threatened security | World news

During a Sunday television debate, Czech presidential candidate Andrej Babis said that if Poland were attacked, he would be against sending Czech troops troops to defend our country. Politician he withdrew from his words, and his opponent General Petr Pavel assured of his loyalty to Poland. I have decided that if I become president, I … Read more

It is revealed that Persona 3 “Complete Remake” is planning to adopt the style and gameplay of Persona 5 #Atlus (187706) – Cool3c

A whistleblower who once revealed that the Atlus team is developing a remastered version of “Goddess of Hero 3” has recently reiterated the existence of this project to players. Since Persona 5: The Royal Edition was officially released in 2019, the future development of this super popular Japanese RPG series has become a topic of … Read more

Audi is planning a series of new sporty RS models

The German car manufacturer Audi has announced plans for electrification a long time ago, but this does not prevent it from working on new, sporty RS models. Cars with internal combustion engines, hybrids and fully electric RS models are expected. It is in conversation with Autocar revealed Sebastian Gramm, Managing Director of Audi Sport. He … Read more

NASA is already planning how to find habitable worlds near Earth

When the space telescope James Webb (JWST) has only shown a small part of the potential that it will display over the coming decades, NASA is already beginning to outline its next project, with which they dream of achieving the long-awaited goal of discovering planets with signs of habitability before the end of this century. … Read more

Apple is planning its own displays for mobile devices from 2024

According to insiders, Apple plans to build its own displays into its mobile devices for the first time starting next year. The Cupertin-based company wants to use MicroLED instead of OLED. According to insiders, Apple wants to install its own displays in its mobile devices for the first time from 2024. The company wants to … Read more

Olam is planning a dual offering in Saudi Arabia and Singapore during the first half

Singapore’s Olam Commodities Trading Company said today, Tuesday, that it intends to conduct an initial public offering in Olam Agricultural Holding, in which it holds a majority stake, during the first half of this year, in Singapore and Saudi Arabia simultaneously. With this simultaneous listing, Olam Agriculture will be the first company to be listed … Read more

An arrest of hitmen planning to kill Ovidio Guzmán led to his arrest | Univision News Drug Trafficking

During their stay in the capital in the summer of 2021, the investigation says, the five men followed in the footsteps of Guzmán López, took several photographs of him to send them, along with several audios, to the person who was allegedly in charge of the operation, a guy they called ‘El Viejito’, who kept … Read more

Germany: Interrogation of an Iranian and his brother on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Holger Hemming, the public prosecutor in the German city of Dusseldorf, told WELT TV that the German authorities are investigating whether the detained Iranian citizen planned a terrorist attack in Germany, and whether his brother might also be involved. In addition, German police are conducting searches of two garages … Read more