Hundreds of apartment residents still with little hot water: ‘Often it is completely gone’

In December, Plaza was still in the dark about the cause, because the problems did not arise last winter. But it has now become clear that too few boilers and heat pumps were installed during construction two years ago: ‘According to the specialists, the explanation lies partly in the adjustment and the fact that a … Read more

Ported versions of “Persona 3 Pocket Edition” and “Persona 4 Gold Edition” are on sale today! | NOVA Information Plaza

Seya Co., Ltd. announced that the ported versions of “Persona 3 Pocket Edition” and “Persona 4 Gold Edition” developed by ATLUS (Xbox Game Pass / Xbox Series S|X / Xbox One/Windows / PlayStation®4 / Nintendo Switch™/Steam), it will be officially released today, January 19, 2023 (Thu). The popular “Persona 3 Pocket Edition” and “Persona 4 … Read more

“My smile reappears on my face”: Stéphane Plaza posts a poignant message over the Christmas weekend

Stéphane Plaza is often associated with good humor and freshness. The animator, highly appreciated by the public, is willingly teaser and has the easy verb. And yet, the enchanting period of Christmas is not really for him. Indeed, after the death of his dear mother in 2016, the end of year celebrations remained a difficult … Read more

Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo found their grandson 131 | He is the son of Lucía Nadín and Aldo Hugo Quevedo

Jorge Taiana: “We continue to make progress in the recovery of the grandchildren” Defense Minister Jorge Taiana pointed out that the appearance of grandson 131 “is one more step to recover as a society from those who tried to destroy it, make it lose its memory and destroy its best children.” Along these lines, he … Read more

Grandmothers from Plaza de Mayo found their grandson 131

The parents of the recovered grandson were from MendozaThey met at the Cuyo University of Philosophy and Letters and were members of the ERP. Already married, after the arrest of a co-worker, they moved to Buenos Aires. In 1977, with Lucía two or three months pregnant, they were kidnapped. Through different investigations carried out by … Read more

Six new stores open in Plaza Las Américas

In time for Christmas shopping, Plaza Las Americas announced the opening of some six new stores in addition to the current offer of the mall. These are Vélez, Ferrero Chocolatier, BoxLunch, Mundo Mattress, Funky Confetti and Greenery Flower Shop, stores that expand shopping options during the festive season. “Before the end of 2022 and as … Read more

“Ah world, my plaza was very pretty”, affirm the residents of Santa Rosa in the Iribarren Municipality

“Ah world, my square was very pretty”was the common expression heard among some inhabitants of Santa Rosa, located in the Iribarren Municipality of Barquisimeto, when inquiring about its state. For its inhabitants, Plaza Bolívar represents an important and meeting place, not only because of its proximity to the city of Barquisimeto, but also because of … Read more

“In the past, selling turnover at Plaza Semanggi could reach Rp. 1 million per day, now it is Rp. 300,000 a week” Page all

JAKARTA, – In starting a business venture does not always run smoothly. This expression is exactly what Euis (57), a clothing seller at Plaza Semanggi, feels at this time. The quiet shopping center located in the strategic area of ​​the Semanggi area has resulted in a drastic decline in Euis’ sales turnover. Euis said … Read more

“Dragon Restoration Among Men!”Ji” introduces the prologue of the story and the main characters such as Sakamoto Ryoma | NOVA Information Plaza

Seya Co., Ltd. announced that the PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and PC (Steam) dedicated game software “Renzhong Zhizhi” is expected to be released on February 22, 2023 (Wednesday). Long Weixin!”Ji” has released various content introductions, including the prologue of the story, the two story stages of “Tosa” and “Kyoto”, and living … Read more