“Ple Irin” clarified what was the reason for cursing “Pandan leaves” 9 years ago, now let go.

From the issue that the online world dug up an interview clip 9 years ago of “Ple Irin Srikaew” talking about “Bai Toey Suteewan Kunchorn” or “Bai Toey R Siam” came up and said that Pakple is very sacred because cursing the pandan girl if she doesn’t apologize then go to sleep and support Hermès … Read more

‘Ple Irin’ tells the knot to curse ‘Bai Toey’ to sleep in prison, close to slapping caused by ‘DJ Man’

How did you feel on the day you came out? Angry or what? – The date it was in the news As we have to let everyone know that we ourselves are the most important person is to respect others. We are human beings with great respect for everyone. Even the waiter serving the food, … Read more

“Ple Hattaya” said she had made a mistake because she did not believe her child! “Non-Nung” likes both performances. But there are many more beautiful people.

“Ple Hattaya” Happy Huan organizes a Thai concert in 3 years, organizing a Korean concert must rely on the ingenuity of the child. The last blast had missed Because he doesn’t believe the child points out that “Support-Nang” likes both performances. But there are many more beautiful people.“Ple Hattaya Wongkrajang” has opened his mind to … Read more

Let’s explain! “Ple Irin” after being accused of making a story about having a man ask for a kiss | daradaily

Back to being hot again for a sexy girl like “Ple Irin” after releasing the song “Money (Listen and get rich)” Until it hits all over the house all over the city Until now, there is a queue of work to show the singer continuously. But the last time “Ple Irin” Go on a show … Read more

Ple Irin, the spectrum of Saifo, went to Italy and foreigners came to ask for a kiss. people say bragging smelly Let’s take a look at the picture!

Ple Irin really proves that this is a hot guy, told in the unfolding, walking in good Italy, someone came to ask for a kiss. Was it very loud? The person then pulled the picture to show. I was just sitting there. The foreigner came to flirt with me. It’s real. Picture from GMM25Thailand Now, … Read more

Ple Irene is still stunned and can’t remember herself. After being transformed into a beauty queen

Beautiful and talented, plus too hot for “Ple-Irin Srikaew” We can see many of her works. Like now, there is a song that is a song that has been talked about a lot. singing together throughout the house throughout the city with the song Money (listening to get rich) andWe can track the movement See … Read more

Ple Irin Odd, preparing a song for 6 years, was copied by a famous artist – Pu Yi Pu Yum. “Thief”

Ple Irin Odd, preparing a song for 6 years, was copied by a famous artist – Pu Yi Pu Yum. “Thief” Ple Irin Odd / Respond to make music in many years for Ple-Irin Srikaew This time, it was redesigned from a luk thung song. become a hip-hop style with a new song called money … Read more