This new sex toy of a new kind will revolutionize the pleasure of women

Psycho and sex The brand at the service of women’s pleasure has once again done very well, by offering a whole new kind of sex toy. Womanizer has just released the world’s first Pleasure Air G-spot vibrator that combines targeted pleasure air and vibration for a powerful orgasmic journey. In fact, thanks to pulsating waves … Read more

Rachel E. Gross: “Medicine has neglected the clitoris because it is not considered reproductive; is related to pleasure and doctors feel uncomfortable” | Health & Wellness

In 1545, a French anatomist dissected a human clitoris and called it shameful member —the embarrassing member. While the Latin term for the vulva, to be ashamedmeans “part to be ashamed of”, the German word for the lips is Labia, in Spanish, “lips of shame”. The history of the female body has been written mostly … Read more

William Poromaa strange behavior in SVT | Swedish Lady

The behavior was caught by the cameras and shown on SVT. Frida Karlsson is perhaps Sweden’s biggest star in cross-country skiing. Karlsson has reaped success and is now looking towards the WC in Planica, which will be decided in February 2023. This weekend it was time for the national premiere in Bruksvallarna and there was … Read more

Watch .. Souad Hosni in the strongest hot scene with the singer Rushdie Abaza in her banned movie. The artist’s screams terrified the photographers, but the director did not stop filming and ordered the hero to complete his pleasure to the end.. Watch

Riyadh – Ruwaida bin Abbas – remained and will remain forever Suad Hosni, the Cinderella that will not be repeated. When you remember her only, you find your eyes laughing even if you are in a bad mood, so what do you think if you sit in front of the TV screen, you see and … Read more

Pleasure your eyes – Nisreen Tafesh has broken everything in another video, Dala: Hatta Cream

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Actress Nisreen Tafesh shared a new video with her fans and followers through her personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”. Nisreen appeared from inside her car, dancing on Tamer Hosni’s new song, “Qolni Kalam”. Commenting on the video, Nisreen Tafesh wrote: “Al-Mawood.. Morning of high mood.. What is … Read more

Revealed, ISIS Female Leader Tortures Her Children for Sexual Pleasure

loading… Allison Fluke-Ekren, an American woman on trial for being the leader of the ISIS women’s battalion in Syria. Photo/via New York Post WASHINGTON – A native of Kansas, United States of America (USA), was tried for leading the women’s battalion of the group Islamic State or ISIS . His family members said he had … Read more

A private driver in Saudi Arabia collapses after four teachers took turns on him to satisfy their desire and reveals incredible details of what was happening with him in the pleasure house

2022/10/19 It’s 4:30 p.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite In an incident that is the strangest of its kind, 4 female teachers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to have sex with their private driver, who was driving them to their school headquarters in a remote village in the “Al-Baha” region of Saudi Arabia … Read more

A new experience in the beauty and comic style of “Fast Pleasure: Untamed”! Show off your personal style~ | XFastest News

When the latest works of “Forza Motorsport: Horizon” and “Romantic Tour of Sports Cars” are launched, the stage of racing games is waiting for the new works of the “Extreme Speed” series to play! Recently, with the official release of more game information of “Speedy Pleasure: Untamed”, players can also see more and more features … Read more

Free-to-play Steam “Fast Pleasure: Heat” for a limited time will also launch a 95% limited-time special 100 yuan discount – Computer King Ada

Launched by EA and as the first racing racing game that provides cross-platform play, “Fast Pleasure: Heat” is currently launching a limited-time free-to-play event on the Steam platform, and provides a 95% time limit for “Fast Pleasure: Heat” Deluxe Edition. Special offer, the original price of 1999 yuan is only 100 yuan on the Steam … Read more

Pleasure your eyes.. Rania Youssef will watch you on the veal pit, which is my country dance

Thank you for reading the news about the pleasures of your eyes.. Rania Youssef will watch you on the batlo dance, and now with the details Aden – Yasmine Al-Tohamy – The artist Rania Youssef published a video clip, from the scenes of the series “The Game 2”, through her official account on the “Twitter” … Read more