PAHO/WHO congratulates the work of MSPAS and CONAPI in updating vaccination guidelines against pneumococcus – PAHO/WHO

Guatemala January 31, 2023 (PAHO/WHO) The Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in Guatemala congratulated the collaborative work between the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) and the National Committee Immunization Practices Advisor (CONAPI) for updating the guidelines of the vaccination schedule against pneumococcus, for the benefit of the population … Read more

Change in the vaccination of children and adolescents against pneumococcus

The bacterium can cause ear infections, sinusitis, but also pneumonia or meningitis, among other things. Based on new scientific data, epidemiological developments and the introduction of the PCV15 vaccine on the Belgian market, the Superior Health Council recommends, without preference, the PCV13 and PCV15 vaccines over PCV10. There are more than a hundred kinds (serotypes … Read more

What is pneumonia and why should you get vaccinated against pneumococcus?

In the autumn-winter season, pneumonia increases due to temperature changes, so “it is important to take preventive measures. And one of them is vaccination”, highlights the Pediatric Infectologist, Heriberto Antonio Arista Viveros. In the talk that Pfizer organized, with the theme “A breath for living” the doctor explains pneumonia “is an infection of the lung … Read more

Why it is essential to vaccinate children for pneumococcus

It’s called Streptococcus pneumoniae. It is a bacterium which, in spite of its name, can help prevent not only pulmonary infections, but also acute otitis media and above all invasive pathologies which can lead to very serious cases, such as meningitis. Recently in Europe the green light was given to a version that protects against … Read more

Pulmonologists ask for vaccination against pneumococcus and covid in the elderly

The Murcian Society of Pathology of the Respiratory System (Somupar) points out that, despite advances in antimicrobial therapies, microbiological diagnostic tests and prevention measures, pneumonia remains the leading cause of death from infectious diseases in the world. On the occasion of World Pneumonia Day, which is celebrated today, Saturday, November 12, pulmonologists insist that people … Read more

for whom is it recommended and when should it be inoculated

With the arrival of autumn, the possibilities of get an infection, either caused by a virus or by bacteria. More this year if you take into account that the previous two measures against covid did not allow respiratory ailments to make their seasonal appearance. It is precisely now, with the flu and covid vaccination campaign … Read more

The pneumococcal vaccine: what it is like and for whom it is recommended

In older people, pneumococcus can cause serious illness and even death. In addition to people over 65 years of age, people in risk groups, residents in nursing homes, chronically ill or with a history of severe covid who were hospitalized should also be vaccinated. Everyone talks these days about the flu and covid vaccine of … Read more

Paraguay receives 200 thousand pediatric vaccines against pneumococcus

This same Saturday day they begin to be distributed to all health regions. On Monday, August 22, the dose application begins in Asunción and Central. In the other territories of the country, as they receive the vaccinations. The vaccination schedule indicates the first dose at two months of age, the second dose at four months, … Read more

Pneumococcus, Pneumococcus Vaccine, Ministry of Health: Colombia welcomed the change in the Pneumococcus vaccine | Health

After the new scientific evidence about the vaccine Pneumococcus and after the recommendation made by the National Practices Committee of immunization, the Ministry of Health confirmed that in Colombia the biological that was being applied within the Expanded Plan of Immunization. “The recommendation It consists of the change of the vaccine Multipurpose 10 to Multipurpose … Read more

Why get vaccinated against the flu and pneumococcus when you have chronic illnesses?

Diabetes, COPD, heart failure, kidney disease, chronic inflammatory rheumatism… So many chronic diseases synonymous with increased risks in the event of infection, in particular by influenza and pneumococcus. However, according to the IPSOS survey, the people concerned are not always aware of the infectious risks. Hence the importance of sensitizing patients at risk and informing … Read more