Pokimane decides to close transmission after receiving the attack of a bunch of trolls sent by a youtuber » Hero Network

Some of the biggest content creators in the world are constantly in the crosshairs of trolls of the internet who try to ruin this person’s work and experience. One of the most recent cases where someone suffered from this was the streamer Pokimane, who returned to make transmissions in Twitch after receiving a ban for … Read more

Pokimane was banned from Twitch, what happened?

Like many streamers before her, Pokimane paid the price of the DMCA, being banned from Twitch for watching episodes of Avatar, the Last Airbender, live. The controversy surrounding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act gained momentum in 2020 as streamers were overwhelmed by an unprecedented wave of sanctions for copyright violations. Since then, streamers have redoubled … Read more

Pokimane charges against Activision Blizzard and urges streamers not to play their titles »Hero Network

The famous star of Twitch, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, has joined the chorus of personalities lashing out at Activision Blizzard. The reasons are the lawsuits of workplace and sexual harassment that weigh on the company. The demand that was made in the state of California has been applauded by various personalities from different media; among them … Read more

Pokimane shocked by this salacious joke of a viewer

Imane Anys, better known by the pseudonym Pokimane, is one of the most prominent streamers on Twitch. Her success is such that she even won awards in 2018 and 2020, respectively Twitch streamer of the year and female streamer specializing in video games the most followed on the platform. It currently has more than 8.4 … Read more

Pokimane became a co-owner of RTS – an agency for talent development in the gaming and esports industry

Imane “Pokimane“Anys has grown into a big personality Twitcha. The 25-year-old has repeatedly emphasized that everything she has achieved so far – it owes primarily to persistence, persistence in pursuing the goal and huge amounts of consistency. Influencerka has enormous reach in social media. It is enough to mention that in the most popular website … Read more

Pokimane will be back from Twitch hiatus soon

Pokimane auf Twitch – (C) Twitch, Amazon, Twitter.com/imane – Bildmontage: DailyGame Imane “Pokimane” Years, one of the most successful streamers Twitch, became famous with games like League of Legends and Fortnite. She is known for her relaxed demeanor and friendly demeanor. It has garnered an impressive 8.2 million followers on Twitch since its streaming debut … Read more