The Germans compared their fuel prices with their neighbors. This is how Poland fell out

Germany collected the last data on prices on June 20. In Germany, on that day, the average prices were 1.97 euro for a liter of Super 95 gasoline and 2.06 euro for a liter of diesel. “On that day, a liter of Super 95 gasoline was cheaper only in Poland (EUR 1.70), the Czech Republic … Read more

Poles can get by without a permit to build family houses

The Polish government is preparing an amendment to the law, which is to allow the construction of single-family houses of any size without a building permit from next year. “The need to anchor and have one’s own home is one of the basic human needs. Therefore, let’s make it clear that the goal of the … Read more

The Kaliningrad case. The Russian senator is threatening Poland and Lithuania

It has been going on for several days a brawl between Russia and Lithuaniawhich suspended the transit of goods sanctioned by the European Union to the Kaliningrad Oblast, bordering Poland in the north. The Lithuanian authorities explain that they have not introduced any unilateral or additional restrictions, but only “consistently apply EU sanctions”. Lithuanian President … Read more

Holidays in 2022 – how much are in Poland, what is the cost of foreign ones? Estimates and calculations

How much are holidays in Poland and how much do you have to pay for a trip abroad? According to the industry portal, the cost of a week’s stay in a hotel by the Vistula River for a family of 4 is approximately PLN 4500-5500. In the case of Bulgaria, it is PLN 5700-5800, … Read more

Weather in Poland. When will the heat end? Tomasz Wasilewski’s forecast

In Poland, the temperature has been exceptionally high for many days. As noted by the presenter Tomasz Wasilewski, it is related to the “freezing” of the position of the baric systems over Europe. Thanks to it, hot air masses from North Africa reach our country. The culmination of the heatwave – and with it … Read more

Russia Claims to Kill Nearly 100 Polish Mercenaries

loading… Russia claims to have killed nearly 100 Polish mercenaries in a precision strike. Photo/Illustration MOSCOW – Tension between Russia with Europe getting worse during the war in Ukraine continues to rage in the eastern region of the country. Russia’s latest claims to have killed nearly 100 tentarabayaran origin Poland considered as a form of … Read more

Wake-up call 25/6: Pride of Warsaw and Kiev in Poland • Veterans Day in The Hague

Are you hitting the road? Here you will find an overview of the activities† And check out the timetable for the track. What can you expect today? After three years, a traditional Veterans Day will again take place in The Hague, complete with a parade. Various activities honor the more than 100,000 veterans who have … Read more

Disney Plus in Poland! One should not miss these productions from the STAR catalog

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> For several days, absolutely I have flooded all social media with the premiere of Disney Plus in Poland. From Facebook, through Twitter and Instagram, to Tik-Tok – the entry of the huge SVOD platform into our country has been very popular. When HBO Max made its debut here, it was not even in the … Read more

Kamila £ apicka sank into the ground after her husband’s death. We know what he is doing today. All of Poland spoke about their romance

You can read more about the lives of the stars at Years ago, they formed one of the most controversial pairs of Polish show business. When the media found out that Andrzej Łapicki he became involved with a 60 years younger theater expert, the details of their relationship were the number one topic in … Read more

The 52-year-old woman with the most tattoos in Poland showed what it looked like before the drastic change

Eisenbach, who is pursuing a career as a star and model, is often dubbed the “queen of scandals.” This 52-year-old woman became famous for her participation Polish realybės šou “Queens of life”. According to the Polish press, divorced a man with whom he had been married for as long as 25 years, Adrianna decided 96 … Read more