Use guns and swear words to revolutionize “Polar War Howling 6” The top ten tips for buying, the chicken attack “Iron Fist Chicken Fight” is here 🐔 | 4Gamers

Ubisoft’s new open-world action-adventure series, “Far Cry 6” (Far Cry 6) is expected to be officially released on October 7. Players will travel to the virtual island nation of the Caribbean “Yala” to play the role of Danny, a member of the Freedmen DictatorshipUncle Fried Chicken“Anton Castillo” (played by Giancarlo Esposito in “Breaking Bad”). Since … Read more

[TGS 21]UBIDAY Online debuts “Polar War Howl 6” in Japan today, revealing Asano 120’s collaboration illustration “Far Cry 6”

UBISOFT took advantage of the Tokyo Game Show Online today to hold the UBISOFT DAY 2021 ONLINE live program in Japan, which was the first public “Polar War Howl 6》Themed illustrations in collaboration with cartoonist Asano 120. UBISOFT DAY 2021 ONLINE will be available online from 5 o’clock in the evening today. The opening begins … Read more

Ubisoft and Hamilton reveal details of the collaboration between the first branded watch in the history of the Polar Howl series “Far Cry 6”

Ubisoft and Hamilton today (9/22) further revealed the “Polar War Howl 6》’S cooperation information. Starting from October 7th, players will not only have the opportunity to wear the limited edition Khaki Field Titanium Automatic watch in the virtual world of the game, but they can also purchase the watch in the real world. The Khaki … Read more

Ubisoft officially authorized “Polar War Howl 6” themed peripheral products are expected to launch “Far Cry 6” on November 3rd

GSE announced that it will distribute the Ubisoft open world adventure action game “Polar War Howl 6“Themed peripheral products, produced by Fanthful, which specializes in the introduction of video game anime-themed peripheral products, are expected to be officially launched on November 3, and can be ordered on the GSE official website from now on. [The … Read more

“Polar War Howl 3” Receipt Limit Exemption Issues? The official recommendation is to use Ubisoft Connect | 4Gamers

To celebrate the coming of “Polar War Howling 6”, Ubisoft generously released the “Far Cry 3” Standard Edition (Far Cry 3) for a limited time free of charge, but after yesterday’s announcement, many players were unable to receive the game smoothly. The problem can be solved through Ubisoft Connect. Normally, just log in to Ubisoft … Read more

CORSAIR and Ubisoft work together to provide an immersive PC gaming experience for Far Cry 6 | 4Gamers

CORSAIR announced that it will continue to cooperate with Ubisoft to integrate CORSAIR iCUE RGB lighting software into all CORSAIR iCUE RGB devices installed with Far Cry 6. Players can experience unique dynamic lighting effects, which can not only perform actions on the screen, but also extend to iCUE devices. Far Cry 6 welcomes players … Read more