GISMETEO: New photos of Juno show mesmerizing storms raging at Jupiter’s North Pole – Science and space

On July 5, NASA’s Juno spacecraft circled Jupiter in 43, capturing an amazing photograph of the planet. Thanks to him, you can look at the North Pole with swirling cyclones that literally “churn” the atmosphere. © NASA The photo was taken while the Juno was at an altitude of 25.1 thousand km above the Jovian … Read more

A young man in Germany ran into a high voltage pole, thousands of people are without electricity

The accident happened in a field in Weilerswist (Euskirchen district) around 11.15. Why the young man knocked down the pole is not yet clear, said a police spokesman. The young man drove off the road into a cornfield directly against a pole with a 110,000 volt power line. Three people were injured in the accident. … Read more

Russian Military Satellite Chases US Spacecraft Over Pole

loading… Russia has launched a new military satellite to spy on US spacecraft and intelligence satellites. Photo/The War Zone/Russian Ministry of Defense MOSCOW – Russia launch military satellite latest to spy on spacecraft and intelligence satellites of the United States (US). The 14F150 Nivelir satellite dubbed Kosmos-2558 was launched into orbit to stalk the new … Read more

Letta embarks all: “Right to stand for small parties”. Renzi doesn’t fit: third pole alone

Everyone except Matteo: in the end the center-left is ready to embark anyone, from the green anti-regasification pasdaran (but without votes) Bonelli to the fiercely anti-Draghi left of Fratoianni & Co. in Di Maio in Leu to the mysterious “Demos”, up to of course to Emma Bonino and Carlo Calenda. But Matteo Renzi no, we … Read more

Turrini: “Binotto today like Lippi in South Africa. Scudetto? Juve on pole. And he is sure that … “

Leo Turrini, F1 journalist, spoke to the microphones of and commented on Ferrari’s debacle in Hungary Speaking to the microphones of, Leo Turrini, F1 journalist, commented on Ferrari’s debacle in Hungary: “Oh well, it was a comedy of errors! The team went into the ball and Binotto looked like Lippi coach but in … Read more

The Earth’s Pole Is Predicted To Turn Around, What Is The Scientific Explanation? : Okezone Education

JAKARTA – The idea of ​​the Earth’s magnetic poles being reversed may sound like the plot of a science fiction movie, but many scientists believe it could happen at any time. Historically, Earth’s North and South Poles have reversed every 200,000 to 300,000 years. However, quoted from the Daily Mail, the last incident occurred about … Read more

Juno probe reveals multiple whirlwinds over Jupiter’s north pole in stunning new image

NASA’s Juno probe completed its 43rd flyby of Jupiter on July 5, providing stunning new close-ups of the Solar System’s King of Planets. Among the buried and valuable data and images, the mission team was amazed and amazed at the magnificent view of the North Pole, with hurricanes blowing and spinning, driving Jupiter’s atmosphere. Brian … Read more

Palermo, race to the post Baldini: on pole De Zerbi, Corini, Ranieri and De Rossi

Toto coach at home Palermo “A bench and an armchair free, to be filled in a short time. In the Palermo that the new season will start on Sunday, there should be no room for the ferrymen. Even with a few days available, we will try to immediately insert a technician to start the project … Read more

Closing highlight: another Swedish world record in the pole vault

A. Duplantis improved his old record achieved in Belgad this year by one centimeter. “I was a little tired, but I really enjoyed competing here in Eugene,” said the pole vault star. The Olympic champion, world indoor champion and European champion added a gold medal to his trophy collection, the only one still missing from … Read more