The author of the article described the incident at Babiš’s meeting. The intervention was probably not in order, experts agree — ČT24 — Czech Television

“The boy we see in the photo was with his mom at the meeting. Suddenly he went and took away the speaker with the stand,” Svobodová described, adding that after a while he returned the speaker after several challenges. The editor of Respekt stated that police officers came to the boy immediately and dealt with … Read more

The Toužim football player, attacked by an opponent, ended up in the hospital. The case is being handled by the police

“At the end of the match, my friend and teammate, Petr Kohout, 53, jumped into the match to finish the match. However, during the game, the Toužim player knocked him down at full speed with his elbow sticking out from behind, “said Petr Sedlák, who was the trigger for the attack. The scandal is also … Read more

The Czech police took over the first modified Land Rover Defender cars

The first batch of a total of 30 Land Rover Defender cars will offer the Czech Police a more civilian and off-road design with off-road equipment. This week, the police took over the top ten of a total of 30 modified Land Rover Defender 110 cars, which are to be delivered to them by Dajbych, … Read more

Police officers will sit in the BMW 540i Touring. What will they be used for?

The police of the Czech Republic will buy a total of 70 BMW 5 Series cars. Forty cars will be in the police color, thirty will be “masked”, in the usual civilian version. In recent years, the Police of the Czech Republic has been significantly renewing its vehicle fleet. And he continues to do so. … Read more

The saleswoman claimed that she had been attacked. He and his girlfriend bought a motorcycle for the stolen money

The investigation into the assault on a gas station in Prague has a surprising conclusion. Forensic scientists found out that the pump operator herself was involved in the assault. She arranged the whole event with her girlfriend. Among other things, the women bought a motorcycle for the stolen money. The gas station in Mladoboleslavská Street … Read more

The Stork’s Nest case has reached the next stage. The end is still in sight

The Stork’s Nest case, which concerns Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES), has been going on for years and is still not over. At the end of August, the prosecutor returned the case to the police for further investigation. She has already done her job and the case is heading for the next step. At the … Read more

The police took over the first 200 modified Škoda Scala vehicles

The police in Kunovice in the Uherské Hradiště region took over the first 200 modified Škoda Scala vehicles. This is the first batch of the tender for 557 vehicles, Interior Minister Jan Hamáček (CSSD) told reporters. The car company Ramet, which has been cooperating with the police for a long time, provided the stickers for … Read more