his manager was arrested

Published on Friday, September 30, 2022 at 11:45 a.m. Froyo Bear frozen yogurt shop in Ypres has been in turmoil and forced to close since its manager came under investigation. The Froyo Bear, an ice cream parlor located in Ypres, is closed for an indefinite period because of its manager. Indeed, the latter fell under … Read more

The fate of the police who asked for Rp600 thousand in money when traveling ticket on the Bocimi toll road, transferred to the point where they were punished

A screenshot of the uploaded TikTok video narrating that a police officer ticketed a travel driver at the Sukabumi toll exit and asked for IDR 600,000. (Source: TikTok.com/@hysyhss) Writer : Tito Dirhantoro | Editor : Desy Afrianti BOGOR, KOMPAS.TV – EF, a police officer who asked for Rp600 thousand in cash when he ticketed the … Read more

31 Narrative Media Crew Hacked, Najwa Shihab Will Report Police Today

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — TV Narrative Founder Najwa Shihab said his party would make a report to the police on Friday (30/9) following the increase in the media crew who experienced hack. As of September 29, 38 people were hacked with details of 31 people being Narasi employees and seven ex-Narasi employees. The cyberattack targeted … Read more

Imam S Arifin’s daughter not only stole a motorbike but also tested positive for drugs, police hunt for dealers

RDA, daughter of the late dangdut singer Imam S Arifin, was arrested in connection with the theft of dozens of motorbikes. (Source: Tribunnews) Writer : Dian Nita | Editor : Desy Afrianti JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The son of the late legendary dancer Imam S Arifin, Resti Destami Arifin (RDA) is suspected of not only stealing … Read more

This is how Iran’s moral police came about: – Women’s rights were reversed

On Friday 16 September, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died. The young woman had been arrested by Iranian morality police after a family visit to the country. The reason for the arrest was a violation of the country’s rules on how to wear the hijab, and Amini’s family was told that she should be released after receiving … Read more

5 Facts about the Princess of the Imam S Arifin Swordsman Stealing Dozens of Motorcycles, Now Arrested by the Police

RDA, daughter of the late dangdut singer Imam S Arifin, was arrested in connection with the theft of dozens of motorbikes. (Source: Tribunnews) Writer : Dian Nita | Editor : Desy Afrianti JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The daughter of the late dangdut singer Imam S Arifin, RDA is suspected of being involved in the theft of … Read more

Demotion Sanctions for Viral Police Recipients of Peace Money on Bocimi . Toll Road

Bogor – Unscrupulous business angry police when he tried to ticket traffic violators at the Bocimi (Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi) Toll Exit, he had a long tail. This police officer, with the initials EF, was given demotion for the offense he committed. Apparently, EF received ‘peace money’ from the traffic violator. Not only being demoted, the trial of … Read more

Military police reports from Izium – a chronicle of daily acts of Russian brutality: even a 73-year-old woman was raped

Appearing from behind a high wooden fence, Raisa (name changed) is ready to confirm the information contained in the police report. Clutching the lace of her white dress, the 73-year-old recounts what happened one night in June. She says she woke up from the noise caused by Russian soldiers in the house. One of the … Read more

Mahsa Amini, Iranian model living in Italy cuts her hair in tears for the girl killed by the police – Video

“For those who do not know me I am Taraneh AhmadiI am Iranian and I have lived in Italy for three years. I could have been that girl (Mahsa Aminindr) that they killed. They arrested me when I was 16 in Iran because of my hijab. My people have been protesting for freedom for 44 … Read more

A raid against the Hells Angels biker gang. German police search clubs for drugs

In Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, the police searched 45 apartments and other premises, focused on the gang’s clubhouses, and searched the prison cells of convicted members. The aim of the action was to secure evidence, according to initial reports no one was arrested. The Hells Angels are repeatedly associated with the drug trade, prostitution … Read more