Burning Korans by the Ukrainian Military Tool of the Nazi Policy to Insult

The viral video shows a soldier ripping up a Koran and then burning it. Photos/youtube/bf TEHERAN – The viral video on social media shows several Ukrainian soldiers burning the holy Koran, which sparked anger among Muslims. The move was accused of being one of the hallmark tools of Nazi policy. “The recent incident with the … Read more

Police identify person who sent bombs to journalists

The Minister of the Interior, Juan Zapataconfirmed this March 21, 2023 that the National Police You already have information about the person who sent the explosive flash drives a journalists in Guayaquil and Quito. After the detonation of one of those flash drives, in the case of the Ecuavisa journalist Lenin Shepherdon March 20, and … Read more

The Malagasy Jean Luc RAHARIMANA at Instant Academic

Academic Moment Screenshot L’Instant Académique*, the program that can be found on Youtube and on Quid.ma received for its third issue Jean Luc RAHARIMANA, novelist, essayist and Malagasy poet who is preparing to shoot from next year the documentary film, L’hotel des Thermes, mythical hotel of Antsirabe, one of the symbols of colonialism, which hosted … Read more

Resonances of Tangier. Matisse beyond exoticism

Being the guest of the Academic Institute of the Arts on Monday March 6, 2023, Rémi Labrusse, director of studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales-Paris, gave a conference whose title is: “Résonances de Tanger , Matisse beyond exoticism”. In his capacity as a specialist on Henri Matisse, Labrusse recalled at the … Read more

This dream which inaugurates the artist

Winner of the “Dream Artist” show broadcast on 2M at the end of 2022, the young photographer Mourad Fedouach inaugurated his very first exhibition “From Douar Shanty to New York”, on Friday March 10 at the American Arts Center in Casablanca. Mourad Fedouach, only 23 years old and from the douar of Sidi Yahya Gharb, … Read more

Ach Couture, all in softness and refinement

Siham Achouba and Fatiha Legmiri, two artists at heart, have always known that they would work with the fabrics, threads, embroidery, colors and patterns to which they have a real passion. Today, with a lot of ambition and goodwill, they gave life, in January, to “Ach Couture”, their brand which offers personalized traditional creations highlighting … Read more

[사이언스 인 미디어]The effect of walking exercise is from ‘ticketing with both feet’

How many steps do you need to walk on average per day to be healthy? ‘Walking 10,000 steps’, which is often said to make you healthy by walking 10,000 steps a day, has become popular worldwide. As such, public interest in walking exercise is hot. Walking is an easy and simple exercise that many people … Read more

The “judicially” postponed “Family Union” elections spark responses, and the former presidents, contestants, and candidates clarify | Policy

The surprise of postponing the elections of the Federation of Beirut Family Associations as a result of the appeal to a date set by the judge of urgent matters was the focus of reactions between those concerned and among the families, where everyone is waiting for more clarifications, whether for the date of the elections … Read more

This huge scar from the thorax to the neck that he keeps as a legacy

He is one of the indestructible faces of Quebec song. Like his compatriot Garou, Daniel Lavoie, who celebrated his 74th birthday on Friday March 17, enjoyed success at the dawn of the 2000s with the essential musical Notre-Dame de Paris. A notoriety with which the singer reached the rank of star, and which allowed him … Read more

Israel corrects its policy towards Ukraine. They have a hidden purpose

As it was emphasized, this is a certain correction of Israel’s policy towards Ukraine, but the country’s authorities still do not intend to supply Kiev with deadly weapons. In January, Axios reported that the main reason why Tel Aviv does not intend to transfer arms to Ukraine is its reluctance to cause tensions in relations … Read more