Ayoub: We are doing everything necessary to hold the perpetrators of the August 4 explosion accountable | Policy

The family of the martyr Mireille Germanos held a divine mass about her intention in the Church of Saint Maroun Bayssour – Jezzine, in the presence of a member of the Strong Republic bloc, Representative Ghada Ayoub, Representative Charbel Massad, the “forces” coordinator in the region, George Eid, the family of the deceased, a crowd … Read more

Where are the stickers saved on Android? –

WhatsApp has become the most widely used instant messaging application worldwide, as it has exceeded 2,000 million users worldwide. In it you can share texts, photos, videos, calls and video calls. However, something that has caught the attention of users are the fun stickers to the point of collecting them. However, on certain occasions they … Read more

Tonga volcano eruption will change the Earth’s temperature

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reported that the eruption of the Tonga volcano, recorded on January 15, 2022, released water vapor into the atmosphere, temporarily modifying the temperature of the earth’s surface. The eruption of this volcano, located in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Zealand, produced tsunami waves around the planet and … Read more

US threatens to block China’s biggest chip company

Chinese company Yangtze Memory Technologies (YMTC) this week announced a new memory chip technology that could help catch up with American competitors, but according to a recent report quoted hair Five Daysthe United States is preparing to impose greater restrictions on Chinese semiconductor companies. The paper explains that, according to a recent report, the administration … Read more

Hellfire: High-precision, effective killing machine used to kill al-Qaeda leader – World

The death of the al-Qaida leader in a drone strike in the middle of the diplomatic quarter of Kabul, Afghanistan, is not just the result of a meticulous spy mission that allowed Ayman al-Zawahiri to be targeted without causing casualties among family members or other civilians. The CIA’s action revealed the effectiveness of the ‘Hellfire’, … Read more

Full moon in August will overshadow meteor shower

The full moon on August 19 will overshadow the Perseid meteor shower, one of the most visible in the night sky this month, with the fall of about 100 stars per hour, NASA reported. “In North America we would normally see 50 or 60 meteors per hour, but this year, during the normal peak, the … Read more

Solar storm will hit Earth this Wednesday

Forecasters forecast that high-speed solar winds from a hole in the Sun’s atmosphere will collide with Earth’s magnetic field on Wednesday, triggering a minor G-1 geomagnetic storm, reports Live Science. These holes, which are located in the solar corona (the outer layer of the gaseous part), present a cooler and less dense plasma. In them, … Read more

What does it mean that the moon has thermally stable wells?

A group of scientists belonging to NASA discovered a series of lunar wells and caves, with temperatures around 17 degrees Celsius, as revealed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft. It was learned that these sites would be ideal for human exploration on the natural satellite, compared to other areas, which heat up and reach … Read more

Fidel Espinoza lambasted the role of Siches: An Interior Minister cannot apologize every 15 days

The senator fidel espinoza (PS) pointed out that the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, could be “a great health minister“, but in his current position “many pieces have not meshed“. The latest controversy the minister lived was when in a plenary session of the Lower House He asked if the opposition parliamentarians had “hit … Read more

What is behind astronomical images taken by space telescopes?

For three decades, astronomy photographs collected by space telescopes have amazed with their vivid, brilliant colors and exquisite detail. Now, the James Webb Telescope promises to broaden our view of the cosmos with renderings that evoke a sublime experience. When in 1609 Galileo turned his three-foot-long, red-leather telescope to the heavens, he extended the senses … Read more