Elodie star of Italian pop with a sold out in Milan. And to applaud her there was also Marracash – Scaletta with surprise and curiosity

Elodie is confirmed, should it still be needed, the queen of Italian pop. Fresh from success of the Pride of Rome, where she was the godmotherand from the highly acclaimed performance at “Party Like A Deejay” at the Arena Civica in Milan, the artist presented herself on the stage of Circle Magnolia (sold out with … Read more

80’s Revival – Why Kate Bush’s 80’s pop fits perfectly into the present culture

contents A decade-old song has been at the top of the charts for a few weeks: “Running up That Hill” by 80s icon Kate Bush. How could a 37-year-old song become a global hit again? Owes his second spring «Running Up That Hill» by Kate Bush from the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. The song plays … Read more

Zetka with Zetka. About Korean pop, South Korea and caring for mental health [PODCAST]

Zuza Frymark is a singer just before the release of her K-pop inspired single and internet creator who you can find on Instagram and TikToku under the name zuzacantsleep. In 2018, she went to South Korea for the first time, and in the third year of her studies, in 2020, she went there for a … Read more

Pop star Taylor Swift suffers from imposter syndrome

Interview: Patricia Danaher When a filmmaker screens her first short film at a festival, there is rarely much fuss about it. Unlike the debut work director of “All Too Well”. Because this is called Taylor Swift (32) and had an unfortunate romance – allegedly with the Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal (41) – first processed musically … Read more

Ahgase is shocked! BamBam and Luke walk to the market to pop up to eat fish maw.

make a hashtag #WelcomeBamBamToThailand trending on twitter again After famous artists – idols BamBam GOT7 or BamBam Kanpimuk Phuwakul Fly back to Thailand again on June 15, 65, as for whether there will be any work or surprises that have not yet been revealed. have to wait to win and follow each other But most … Read more

Dulce María exploded against RBD’s social networks for not supporting her on the “2000s Pop Tour”

This is how he recreated his iconic look (Photo: Instagram/@dulcemaria) Los 2000s Pop Tour started with great success because in its first presentation of what could be a national tour and not only the passage through Monterrey, Guadalajara and again Mexico City -the next November 17tickets are not yet on sale- managed to gather more … Read more

The pop star performed last night in Paris: Elton John on a farewell tour

aA Under the cheers, Elton John sings “Rocket Man” for his final launch into orbit: after more than half a century on the roads, Elton John, in good shape for his 75th birthday, is in full farewell world tour, past in Paris yesterday, Saturday June 11, 2022. “Rocket Man”, a classic, appears half an hour … Read more

Immortal pop star Spears, who found freedom, marries a fiancee who is 12 years younger than him

Britney Spears (left) and Sam Asgari (right) [AP 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB 금지] (Los Angeles = Yonhap News) Correspondent Yoon-seop Jeong = Britney Spears, 40, an irresistible pop star who has regained her freedom from being a ward, will marry Sam Asgari, 28, who is 12 years younger than her, on the 9th (local … Read more

Ieva Akuratere. From “Thunder” to “Ladies’ Pop”

In a conversation with “Neatkarīgo”, the singer talks about her various creative projects, about the upcoming concerts in the summer with “Pērkons”, which makes her really happy, shares her emotions about what is happening in Ukraine, does not hide Olga Rajecka’s anniversary concerts gives the opportunity to return to the stage also for the unique … Read more