Hooded men dragged a woman several meters to steal her vehicle in Santiago

Three men and a woman made a “door blow” to a woman and her niece in Santiago, arriving at drag the driver for a few meters to steal your vehicle. The group of hooded men intimidated the victims with guns and a punch at the intersection of Syria with Las Fucsias. “All the information was … Read more

Violent door blow in Florida to a woman who was with her son

Last night, three criminals slammed a door on a woman who was manning a vehicle with a three-year-old child, while she was parking it near her home, located on Oaki and Froilán Roa streets, in the commune of Florida. According to the victim, the three subjects were armed with firearms, threatening her and pointing her … Read more

Woman was the victim of a violent door slam in Peñalolén

A violent door slam was the one that a woman lived in the commune of Peñalolén, where she was approached by three individuals with a semi-covered face to assault her with firearms, suffering a blow to the head. The antecedents indicate that the incident occurred yesterday afternoon, when the victim was followed on foot, and … Read more

They intimidate a 73-year-old woman with a firearm

Moments of terror lived a 73-year-old woman in the commune of Vitacura, when last night a group of strangers tried to steal her vehicle, threatening her with firearms while the machine was stopped. The frustrated door slam took place around 10:00 p.m. in the Joaquín Cerda street sector, where the victim came to a home … Read more