7 Portraits of Dewa Ayu Made Sriartha, Indonesian Women’s Basketball Player at the 2023 SEA Games, Beware of Falling in Love!

tvOnenews.com – Success Indonesian women’s basketball national team won a gold medal SEA Games 2023 Cambodia cannot be separated from its role Dewa Ayu Made Sriartha. Original basketball Bali who is positioned as a power forward played an important role in Indonesia’s success in sweeping away victory in the SEA Games this time. The following … Read more

6 Portraits of the First Animals on Earth, Oldest 558 Million Years Old

For about four billion years, no life on Earth was more complex than a simple cell. These are the first complex organisms to inhabit planet Earth. Photo/bbvaopenmind JAKARTA – For about four billion years, there was no life on Earth which are more complex than simple cells. Then, for no reason yet known, around 575 … Read more

Only with adobe walls, 9 portraits of the contents of this house are minimalist and make it comfortable for small families

Brilio.net – So far, people often think that small house it was cramped, uncomfortable, and difficult to design. However, more and more people here already understand that the size of the area of ​​the house does not affect the quality and comfort of the dwelling. Currently, many tiny houses with an area of ​​only 3×4 … Read more

Buckingham Palace shares coronation portraits in full regalia

All steps of the coronation ceremony have been taken, all traditions have been honored again, and after an extra long weekend it is today business as usual for the British. Last night the British court came up with one last addition to all pomp and circumstance: a set of official coronation portraits! Regalia As befits … Read more

So that it does not disturb the religious acts. Berlin banned portraits of Putin and Zelensky at Soviet monuments

Measures according to the diary The daily mirror it concerns the monumental memorial and cemetery of seven thousand Soviet soldiers in the Treptow district, the memorial in the central Berlin Tiergarten park near the Brandenburg Gate, and also the memorial in the Schönholzer Heide park in the Pankow district. On the day of Germany’s liberation … Read more

Viral, Here Are 5 Portraits of Hilarious Writing Motorcyclists ‘Blonde Widow I’m Coming’

Friday, 21 April 2023 – 05:32 WIB VIVA Trending – Lebaran is only a few days away. Surely it will be filled with travelers both using motorbikes and cars. However, there are some behaviors of travelers who have funny writing on the back of the motorbike. This will certainly attract the attention of other travelers. … Read more

Sidqon’s Journey to Promote Astronomy at Islamic Boarding Schools, Portraits of the Milky Way Using Xiaomi

Jakarta – Activating astronomy in Islamic boarding schools is certainly not an ordinary thing. Especially if the activity only uses a smartphone or smartphone. However, that is what Nur Sidqon, Director of the Yanbu’ul Qur’an Kudus Observatory has done. Since elementary school, Sidqon has loved learning about celestial bodies. According to the man who was … Read more

5 Portraits of Artist’s Children Who Follow Their Parents Undergo the Umrah Worship

Homeland artist families always reap the public attention, right? The various activities they do always steal attention, including when they are going to perform Umrah worship. Some artists show their solidarity with their families by bringing their children to the Holy Land. (Photo: Instagram @dindahw)

An exhibition of portraits by the well-known photographer Uldas Briež will be on view in Īipsala

The portraits of Latvian cultural figures by the photographer Uldas Brieža, which can be seen in the exhibition, were made as photographic records of the signs, events and spirit of their time. They have a documentary and at the same time timeless character. The faces of those characters – captured in the most diverse moments … Read more