Demi Moore poses in a bikini on her luxurious vacation and looks more radiant than ever

NOW Again Demi Moore it is in the sights of the whole world. It’s not for a movie but this time it was a bikini photo that managed to captivate millions of people who saw, from his Instagram, the enjoyment of the historic 58-year-old actress on the Italian shores. On board a luxurious yacht and … Read more

Christina Aguilera poses topless to announce “party” of the LGBT + community

Christina Aguilera He raised the temperature of all his followers, after surprising them with some photos where he is seen posing topless. But this is not to show off how good it looks, but the images that he uploaded to his Instagram account were to announce his participation in the festival Lady Land. This event … Read more

Natasza Urbańska poses topless. How pretty and shapely she is. NEW PICTURES 01/09/2021

Natasza Urbańska presented a series of new photos to the fans. NATASHA URBAN SEES TOPLESS In one of them she poses topless, covering her naked body with her hands. Earlier, Natasza Urbańska’s Instagram featured extremely feminine photos announcing another professional project in which the actress will take part – reports So far, she does … Read more

Robert Kochanek poses with Kinga in Hel: “The best place on Hidden”

The 40 versus 20 program was based on the premise that age doesn’t matter when it comes to feeling. A dozen younger and older women competed for two bachelors, but ultimately both chose young partners. 43-year-old Robert Kochanek after many turbulences in the final rejected the mature Beata and decided on Kinga Zapadka, 25 years … Read more

Withdrawal of US Troops Poses Problems for Russia

loading… MOSCOW – President Russia Vladimir Putin criticize United States of America (USA) and its allies for leaving Afghanistan . Putin said the withdrawal could create problems for Russia and its allies. “There is a danger that terrorists and different groups that find refuge in Afghanistan will use the chaos left by our Western counterparts … Read more

Aya Nakamura poses in a mini bikini, she reveals a slim figure

Like every year, Saint-Tropez is truly the ideal place to meet a large number of stars. Among all the celebrities present in the magnificent seaside city, Aya Nakamura made a very noticed appearance. Always extremely generous with her community, the singer actually shares several photos on her account. Instagram of this visibly idyllic stay. Comfortably … Read more

“The woman I love the most …”: Didistone poses with her mother and causes a sensation (photo)

Didistone, the daughter of the famous Congolese singer Koffi Olomidé, is currently spending her holidays in Dakar, Senegal. The beautiful young woman has always proven her love for her dear mother on the web. This Thursday, July 29, Didistone posted a beautiful photo on her Instagram account. She was accompanied by her mother and both … Read more

Vaccinated staff poses a risk in the hospital –

According to Trouw, the Outbreak Management Team is concerned about the possible spread of the coronavirus by vaccinated healthcare workers. Infections with a high contagiousness are found among vaccinated healthcare workers, so there is a risk of transmission of this virus to vulnerable patients. Most ‘breakthrough infections’ among healthcare workers are accompanied by mild or … Read more

This behavior of adults poses a great danger to children: the doctor warns of possible harm not only to health

Jūratė Ivanauskienė, a family doctor at the My Family Clinic, recalled the experts’ calculations that one hour’s stay in a smoked room is equivalent to one smoked cigarette. Passive smoking about half a million lives are lost each year, according to a press release. Harmful substances also enter the skin J. Ivanauskienė says that even … Read more

Inflation poses a greater risk than coronavirus mutations, says Tomáš Nidetzký

The Czech National Bank (CNB) should continue to raise interest rates rapidly. Persistent inflation poses a greater risk than new coronavirus mutations, according to CNB Vice Governor Tomas Nidetzky, he told the agency. Bloomberg. The Czech economy, which is one of two in the European Union (besides Hungary), began to raise interest rates in June, … Read more