Long-term complaints from omikron: five questions about post-covid

Risk remains Due to the omikron variant of corona, people generally get milder complaints than with previous variants. But what about post-covid? People still appear to be able to suffer long-term fatigue complaints from an infection with omikron, say experts. This pulmonologist will update you in five questions. 20 november 2022 14:16

Discovered new serious symptom that may arise in the post-covid

patients of covid are more likely to develop seizures or epilepsy in the six months following the diagnosis, points out a study published this Wednesday, November 16, in the journal Neurology, from the American Neurological Association. According to the results, the risk was more noticeable in children and in people who did not require hospitalization. … Read more

Women in particular suffer from post-covid syndrome

After going through Covid-19, women experience long-term complaints (‘long covid’) more often than men. The Global Burden of Disease Long COVID Collaborators (GBD) concluded in a recent publication (JAMA. 2022;328:1604-1615). The researchers distinguished between the clusters ‘fatigue’ (fatigue, myalgia and mood swings), ‘respiratory’ (cough, shortness of breath) and ‘cognitive’ (forgetfulness and concentration problems). Among the … Read more

Postcovid more common among women than among men

Post-covid, with symptoms long after a covid-19 infection, is more common among women than among men, according to US statistics. Recently published data from the US Census Bureau and National Center for Health Statistics, shows that over 17 percent of American women have experienced post-covid at some point during the pandemic compared to 11 percent … Read more

Baby gang, the Transcrime map: where they are and what crimes they commit. From ‘fluids’ to ties with clans: “The phenomenon is growing post-Covid”

The Casanova band a Bolzano targeted kids as young as 14. While the group of Vibo Valentia that he scored thefts in homes and peddling cocaine he had given himself a high-sounding name: the New band of the Magliana, even if due to the personal details of the criminals who dominated Rome at most, they … Read more

Worry can increase the risk of post-covid

Mental illness, anxiety, stress and loneliness can increase the risk of long-term symptoms after covid-19, according to a new study. The risk of post-covid increased by 30-50 percent for those who had one or more psychosocial risk factors, according to the study published in the journal Jama Psychiatry. The connection is thus stronger than for … Read more

Loneliness and anxiety can increase the risk of post-covid

Anyone who is depressed and experiences anxiety, stress and loneliness before becoming ill with covid-19 has a higher risk of developing post-covid. The psychosocial factors have a stronger connection to postcovid than physical factors such as obesity, asthma and high blood pressure, shows a study that the scientific journal Forskning & Framsteg was the first … Read more

Mental illness, anxiety and stress increase the risk of post-covid

About one in eight people get covid-19 suffer from long-term symptoms, so-called postcovid. They get headaches or muscle aches, memory and concentration difficulties, loss of taste and smell, fatigue or shortness of breath that last for at least three months after contracting covid-19. There is no clear cause for post-covid, but researchers are beginning to … Read more

Study participants wanted – Help us reveal the physical limitations of postcovid

Postcovid poses a major challenge worldwide. Today, there is limited knowledge about the underlying mechanisms and why some are affected by post-covid while others are not. In order to create and implement a safe and feasible rehabilitation program, a more detailed physiological characterization is required that can explain why some people experience an exacerbation of … Read more